Something awesome this way comes

Hello people. I am terrible with keeping up with my blog. I apologize. Life has been...hmm...well I don't want to say busy but I suppose that would be a correct word to use at this time. Things are a happening and they are big. Big I tell you! Something awesome this way comes. Guess what though? As usual you all will find out when it happens. Ha, I am such a tease! Anyways onward.

So I am co-running a guild again on WoW. Oh Jesus Christ Nick, do you not learn? Oh don't worry! It is fine. Everything is fine. Everything is great. Thats all the needs to be discussed here.

I ended up having an interview for that pet care place. I did not get the job though. I was disappointed but move on. It just wasn't time yet for me to start working. I have to finish other stuff first. In time I will be working again.

This month hasn't been terribly bad. Normally I dread this month, I hate it, blah blah blah. Lots of history, can't blame me. However I guess my line of thinking lately has been the past is the past and thats where it should stay. Bad shit happens all the time. It is normal to think about it but don't let it control you and consume you. Can't change what happened but you can change what happens tomorrow or the day after or next week or next month. I like this line of thinking. I think I will keep it around. At least try to keep it around.

Yes Nick is becoming more positive. Did anybody ever really think that was going to happen? Probably not. The whole world could probably be falling apart around me and I would still find something to smile about or be happy about. This doesn't mean I don't have my moments but my perspective I think has changed.

I know I didn't say much in this blog but that is where I am going to end it. Good things are coming. When they happen the whole world will know.

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