Hello again

Hello blog. No I haven't forgotten about you. I haven't had any updates in a long time and while sitting here listening to Tibetan bowl I figured that now would be a great time for an update.

It is almost a new year now. In a few more days we will be in 2016. Wow, where did 2015 go to? Time is just flying by. A lot has happened in 2015. I won't get into all of it now, I'd be writing a novel.

Christmas has come and gone. It was a really good Christmas this year. No complaints whatsoever. I really am spoiled. I got a lot of stuff this year. I really am thankful and appreciative for everything though. I just wish there was more that I could do for people.

The Packers suck this year. I hope the Vikings beat them next week so the Packers are stuck as a wildcard team. They don't deserve a home playoff game. Hell they don't really deserve to be in the playoffs this year but there are a ton of bad teams in the NFC so it is not surprising. Maybe the Packers can turn it around and play "Packer football" for the playoffs but I highly doubt it.

So the new Star Wars movie came out. After months and months of hype I would have to say that the movie lived up to expectations. In fact I think it was a lot better then I thought it was going to be. I didn't really know what to expect but I enjoyed it. In fact tomorrow I am going to see the movie for a 2nd time. Well actually it will be the 3rd time watching the movie, I did find some crappy version of it online to watch last week. No spoilers but I felt like the story has many unanswered questions at this point and all that really does is make me anxious for the next film. If you haven't seen the new Star Wars yet then I recommend going to see it!

My dieting/weight loss stuff is going really well, other then me eating like a hungry hippo over the past week thanks to Christmas. I've lost 40 pounds since the beginning of June. I am quite proud of myself. Totally I am down 60 pounds from my heaviest known weight. Not bad huh? I don't do anything special. I go for walks in the morning, I do boxing or some weight lifting at night time, and I manage how much food I am putting in my body and what I am putting in. Yeah the last week has been difficult cause of Christmas but I am going to get back on track.

I traveled cross country to Maryland to see my friend Andrew and go with him to see the premiere of the new Star Wars movie. This trip deserves a separate blog though. I survived a cross country road trip by myself!

Thats about all for now. I will definitely write more this upcoming week. Going to be chilly and the weather is going to be crappy which makes for a perfect time to catch up on some blogging. Plus with 2015 ending I need to write my goodbye 2015 hello 2016 blog.

Happy holidays everyone, I will be back soon.

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