In June of 2014 I went out on a road trip for the first time by myself. I went to Wisconsin Dells for a few days. This year I decided to make a return trip to the Dells by myself last week.

I decided that I would wait until after the busy summer season to pass before planning a trip to the Dells. Less people and a lot cheaper. In fact one night at the hotel I usually stay at, the wilderness, can run up to 250 dollars a night during the busy season. During the off season it goes down to I think 170. Anyways more about that later.

I left last Tuesday. I actually somewhat had a plan of action before I even left. Well for the first day at least. Bits and pieces got filled later on. I wanted to be out the door at 10:30am and my first destination was going to be Cave of the Mounds and I wanted to be there by 12:30pm. Hang out there for awhile and arrive at my hotel around 3:30pm.

My father let me use his honda for the trip. I fell in love with that car during the trip. Not only does it have a camera for backing up, it had an mp3 player in the car and cruise control which was easy as hell to set up. The mp3 player was nice cause I still have all my mp3 cds. So I put in a cd marked Metallica and it would flip through their first 5 albums without me having to do anything. The cruise control was nice too, even if I didn't know how to set it up probably at first. Well actually I was hitting the wrong button. One I figured it out the car basically drove itself.

I managed to leave on time on Tuesday and I even arrived at Cave of the Mounds at the time I wanted to. Surprising cause even with the gps I still took 2 wrong turns. Damn exits sneaking up on me! Its all good though cause I was never officially lost.

I love Cave of the Mounds. It is a wonderful place to visit. I went prepared this time meaning that I wore a flannel down into the cave. The cave is about 50 degrees year round and a little bit damp so they advise you to dress somewhat warmly. It was great seeing that place again. I even bought some stuff for not only myself but for my sister Cindy and my father.

I arrived at the hotel about 3:30. Cliffside resort and suites is the name of the hotel. If anybody is looking for a cheap but decent hotel to stay in the Dells I recommend this one. It was not too crowded and despite their rooms not being as luxurious as the condos at the Wilderness, they are still very nice rooms. My room was the double queen room with a balcony overlooking Lake Delton. The price on the room during the off season is about 90 dollars a night. Not too bad.

I didn't spend a lot of time on the balcony. During the day there were quite a bit of wasps and other bugs flying around. I did spend some time on the balcony at night time, it was really peaceful and beautiful. Because you are right by the lake there are tons of animals and birds in the area. I felt like the birds followed me to the Dells. Lots of ducks though, we don't get ducks around my house. What really sold me on this place though was the picnic/firepit/beach area. I went walking down there one night and it is right by the lake. There are benches and seats for you to sit on and just look out over the lake. I sat in one of the benches for close to an hour listening to the sounds of nature and seeing a bunch of ducks swim close to me. There was even a hummingbird that flew by me. I was sitting there and the hummingbird flew past me and spent some time going from flower to flower feeding.

Wednesday I decided to go check out the Lost Canyon tour. Back during our 8th grade class trip we did the Lost Canyon tour and I hated it. It was raining and miserable and I don't think any of us wanted to be there. So I kinda never thought to go back and check out the tour again. I don't know what made me decide to give it a second chance, maybe cause of the nature aspect of the tour and probably cause I thought maybe I would enjoy it this time around. I'm glad I went. The Lost Canyon is a horse drawn carriage through a canyon passage in the Dells. I don't really have anymore information about it on hand at the moment. I do know that I did enjoy it. Our tour guide, whose name was Chris, was very informative and funny. Lots of cheesy jokes but they were funny. Oh yeah and he called me Darth cause I was wearing a Vader shirt. The lost canyon tour is about a 45 min to hour long turn that is well worth the money.

Later on after settling my stomach after eating all you can eat chicken and pizza at pizza pub I went to Timbavati Wildlife Park. The park is not a very huge place but it is cool. The only thing I didn't like is it seemed like some of the animals were crammed into cages and they did not look very happy. I guess the alternative though is for these animals to be out in the wild and in danger of humans hunting them. Some of the animals seemed really excited to see people roaming around. I think one of the spider monkies thought that I was going to feed him. Poor guy.

I have a huge fear of water. I am sure I've talked about it in a previous blog somewhere. Because of this I don't like going on boat rides and this makes me avoid going on things like the Wisconsin ducks. I hadn't been on the ducks since my 8th grade class trip. The one thing I really remember about that time was that our duck died in the middle of the lake and we had to be transported to another one. Anyways I decided I would face my fears and go enjoy a ducks ride. I have to admit that I was a bit scared and nervous but I really enjoyed the ride. It is a very scenic ride, I mean you are on the Wisconsin river and Lake Delton. You do see wildlife while on the tour. We saw some great herons and then on the driving portion of the tour we saw a total of 4 deer roaming around in the woods. Our tour guide Aaron was informative and made tons of cheesy jokes, they were funny though.

Later on I decided to go to downtown Dells and walk around. If you have never been downtown Dells it is basically a bunch of stores lined up for a few blocks. It is a very popular area during the summer. There were still a number of people down there but it wasn't too bad. After the summer season a lot of the shops do close down. I did find a shop that sold not only gargoyles, skulls, and dragons but they sold horror stuff, marvel stuff, star wars stuff, etc. It was difficult to pass on buying a ton of shit but I think I did fairly well.

One thing I forgot. My first night there I decided that I wanted to take a shower. So I go in the shower and nothing is coming out of the shower head. I am moving it around, pressing on shit, etc and I am getting nothing. The next morning I decide to call the front desk cause I am a moron and can't figure out how to use the shower. She explains to me on the main faucet that there is something you pull down. I'm like ok. They were going to send someone to show me how to use it. So I go in there and I can't figure it out. I wait a few minutes and decide to go back in there and sure enough there is a pull down ring on the faucet to get the shower to work. Maybe they need to put instructions on those things?

I came back home on Friday. I spent 3 nights in the Dells. Really wish I could of stayed in the Dells but I had to come back home to reality I suppose. At least I had a few days of serenity.

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