Smoke and Mirrors

Back in June I went to see Imagine Dragons in concert. It was a show that I was anxious to see and it did not disappoint. Back in the summer of 2013 my sister and I were suppose to go see them playing on the Summerfest grounds. The problem is that they had them playing on a side stage that could hold like I think 8,000 people and the crowd to see them was over 20,000 people. It was a mess and we never even made it inside the grounds that night. This time though we actually had seats.

I'm not familiar with downtown Milwaukee and the Bradley Center is located right in downtown Milwaukee. Driving there and driving back is always an adventure. On the way there I came close to getting into like at least 3 accidents thanks to idiot drivers not paying attention. On the way home it was dark and pouring rain. Not to mention it took 45 minutes just to get out of our parking spot. Parking down there at the Bradley Center is terrible. Anyways dark and rainy. Couldn't see the lanes in the street. I was happy to make it back to my sister's house in one piece.

The actual show was great. The opening acts were Halsey and Metric. I don't know either of them too well. I've heard a few Metric songs before. Halsey wasn't too bad despite the fact I knew nothing about her or her music. Metric was alright. They were very loud and tough to make out anything that was going on other then the blazing music.

Imagine Dragons put on a really good show. There was a lot of energy in their performance and they interacted great with the crowd. Really great stage show too. Before the show I listened to their cds but I wouldn't say I was someone who was really familar with the lyrics and such. At least during their set I recognized all of the songs played. Some of my favorite songs live were "It's Time", "I'm So Sorry", and "Radioactive". Radioactive is the one song that everybody knows and their live performance of that song is so much better then the regular album version.

Back in 2012 after seeing Iron Maiden I listened to a lot of Maiden that summer. In 2013 I saw Rush and became a huge fan of that band. So naturally cause I saw Imagine Dragons this year they became my band for the summer. I bought their "Smoke and Mirrors" cd and its been in my car ever since. I am sure I will change to a different cd soon but for now I am enjoying blasting the cd. I highly recommend it.

I only made it to one concert this summer but at least it was a good one. If you like any songs by Imagine Dragons then I suggest seeing them live. You will turn into a fan of the band.

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