You know how one day can be totally perfect and the next day is absolute shit. I call this balance. Life is a series of highs and lows. I really think that at times we reach a high peak and then experience a low peak just to keep us on our toes. Can't be completely comfortable with life right? Life has to throw some curve balls at you. It happens like this so when we get those curve balls we know how to knock those fuckers out of the park. Thats just what I think at least. I could be wrong or I could just be totally crazy, the jury is still debating over that one.

The 1st day of August was what I call a perfect day. I woke up and got to see a ton of bird activity at our feeders. Typically we have 2 mourning doves that were coming by our house, that morning we had 4. I saw my first ever oriole on that morning too. Overall the day started off great as I was planning a full day with my sister at the Renaissance faire and then a night of fire therapy.

The Ren faire was fun. Lots of good food and of course spent a ton of money on decorative stuff. For those who don't know already, I love collecting gargoyles. I've always had this fascination with gargoyles and I feel the need to collect as many as I can. I bought a few gargoyles from the faire that day. Food was awesome. Steak on a stake, which is basically steak on a stick, is my new favorite thing to eat there. I was so hungry from walking around that I ended up having 2 that day. Also got 5 dollar beef jerky. Yes, it was totally worth it. The day was then capped off by a night of fire therapy by my sister's house.

I really overdid it that day with drinking soda and eating. I ate all that stuff at the faire and then had a pizza with a bunch of extra cheese and olives when I got home. Then drank like 3 cans of soda by my sister's house. For those who don't know this but I gave up soda almost 10 years ago. If I drink any then it is usually by my sister's house. Otherwise I mainly stick to water. Anyways by the time I got home that night my stomach was already bothering me. I just had that feeling that it was going to be troublesome. As I was getting ready for bed I did that usual prayer and finished off by saying "since today was a perfect day I wouldn't be surprised if tomorrow is the exact opposite". Sometimes I really need to keep my mouth shut.

Woke up the next morning to pretty bad stomach pains. It was mainly focused on the left side. I felt like I had to go to the bathroom but nothing was happening. My father gave me some of his stuff that helps with his stomach. Oh that was terrible. I couldn't think about food and I was very uncomfortable. The pain started to go to my lower back on the left side.

I did manage to eat breakfast and I had this constant feeling that I had to go to the bathroom but nothing. I certainly had to pee though. I think for the rest of the day I was peeing every 20 minutes or so. Pretty sure this was caused by what my father had given me and probably my nerves were shot due to me not knowing what was going on.

My back was really starting to hurt. Can't describe the pain. It was a stabbing pain and my back was twitching. I thought maybe it could of been due to the fact I had started boxing. Then I remembered that I had hit my side while messing with bird feeders the previous day. I started to put ice on it and then decided that maybe I needed icy hot. That was a bad idea, I'll explain as I go.

As luck would have it that same day right before I was going to force myself to cook us dinner our power went out. Of course the power stayed out for over 3 hours and it totally ruined our plans for dinner. By the time the power came back on we decided on tv dinners. I was still in pain and extremely annoyed by the fact that I was peeing every 20 minutes.

Felt like I was maybe getting better and then bam. By 11pm that night it really hit me bad. I was hunched over in pain. I could barely move. My back, it felt like someone was repeatedly stabbing me. I also started feeling sick to my stomach, all hot and sweaty. Still couldn't go to the bathroom unless it was for peeing. Now every time I had to pee I would start to dry heave. I decided to go with the heating pad after this. My father was trying to talk to me but it was too painful for me to even talk.

The heating pad helped get me through what was a very restless night. If I didn't have the heating pad on then I was a lot of pain. I was still dry heaving when going to the bathroom to pee. I was drinking a lot of water and was eating some crackers. I didn't want to attempt to eat anything else.

I did manage to fall asleep at some point for awhile. By the morning my back/side felt a bit better but still no bathroom activity for me. I didn't really have to pee anymore thankfully. I wasn't feeling any nausea anymore either and I could eat food with no problems. I did relax for most of the day on the couch with a heating pad nearby.

The following day I was finally able to go to the bathroom again. I don't think I've ever been so excited to be able to poop in my entire life.

I learned my lesson about my so called cheat days. I believe even if you are trying to eat healthier that it is ok to have cheat days every now and then. Yes even though I went through this shit I still believe that. I also believe that you definitely can't overdo it. I overdid it and I paid for it. That was the worst case of constipation that I've ever had and I certainly don't want to go through that again anytime soon. I should point out that since then I haven't had a drop of soda. Thats how it is going to stay too. I don't need that crap in my life anymore.

So yeah I had a perfect day and then an absolute shit day. It all balanced out though. Course my shitty day other then the power going out for a few hours was basically my fault. I also learned another valuable lesson that I already knew but apparently need to reteach myself from time to time. The words that come out of my mouth are apparently very powerful and sometimes I need to keep my mouth shut.

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