We bought a zoo?

No we didn't really buy a zoo, although that would be pretty sweet. However at times it feels as if we have our own little zoo going on at our house now.

Last summer I pushed my father to get a bird feeder or two. We always have a ton of animals roaming around the neighborhood, especially birds. We had checked out a few bird feeders but then decided against getting anything. I am not sure why exactly. I think my father thought we had no actual place to put up bird feeders.

About 3 weeks ago the conversation came up again. It was my father who came up with the idea that we should put a bird feeder in our big tree in front of our house. It seemed like an ideal area since we know we have quite a few families of birds living up in the tree. So we ventured out to get a bird feeder and came home with a decent one.

Just a little over 2 weeks ago we hung up the bird feeder in the tree. It took a little bit to see any birds come along but once we did there ended up being a whole flock of them. Of course since seed spills we ended up getting a lot on the ground which in turn attracted the squirrels from the tree. It also attracted the chipmunks that live nearby. I would see them every now and then but now I see them everyday. We also have a lot of rabbits in the area too and they started to come around. I guess I should mention that I live right across the street from a park so cause of me being right by a park it was going to attract animals.

Few days later I decided I would head out and get a couple more bird feeders and I figured a bird bath would be a good addition to the setup we had. By this time we already had a constant flow of birds coming to our feeder and eating and at times it was overly crowded on the feeder. So I ended up getting 2 metal ones that were dual feeders. I did however decide to get rid of the bottom part of those feeders cause the birds were having issues getting the seed out.

Since then we seem to have a lot of visitors to our yard. It is kinda cool to sit by the window and watch all these birds stop and eat. It also brought out some other birds that we didn't usually see around the area. We use to have mourning doves that would stop by from time to time and sit on the porch railing. Occasionally you can hear them outside but didn't really see much of them. One of the mourning doves is out there every single day now. Usually out there for quite a long time a few times during the day. We also have a brown-headed cowbird that frequently stops in the area to eat some food. Before I put up the feeders I've never seen nor heard about this bird. American goldfinches occasionally come by the house too just to sit on the railing or take a drink of water. I have yet to see them actually go to the feeders or eat from the ground. I can hear blue jays and a cardinal in the area too. I have not seen the blue jay but the cardinal has been sitting outside on the telephone line the past few nights.

I decided to put up a couple more feeders the other day. We have a total of 5 feeders in the front yard. While the big feeder is the one that every bird goes to, they do go to the other feeders. Its funny that it seems like they know when I am filling the feeders cause they seem to flock to the trees to wait until I am done or they come shortly afterwards. The other morning the crow decided to give them a heads up when I was feeding the feeders. Yeah even the crows have found where the feeders are but they don't stay very long. In fact all they've really done is tell the other birds when the feeders are full.

This has been my life for the past few weeks. While I am sure some will find it boring or not even very interesting, I enjoy it. It is relaxing. Few nights I've gone outside to sit out there and the animals don't even seem to be bothered that I am out there. One of the squirrels, that I assume lives in our tree, will get out of my way when I am filling the feeders. He watches me from the tree and then proceeds back to what he was doing when I walk away. I always tell him to please stay off the feeders. Of course the pesky squirrels that come here from the park don't follow directions very well but it is amusing to see them try to reach some of the feeders. Anyways this makes me happy and that really is all that matters.

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