Hello again world. In case people were wondering, I am just fine. I know I haven't written anything in 3 weeks. I have a really good excuse. Actually no I don't. Just haven't felt like writing. Plenty to say just didn't feel like it. Here I am now though. Rejoice!

My last blog I talked about jury duty. Well on Friday, the 15th of May, I checked the website to see if there was an update for reserved jurors for Monday and Tuesday. It told us that we didn't have to report in but check back at noon on that Monday. I was excited. Figured I'd get out of having to go down to the courthouse completely. Not so fast. At around noon on Monday I checked back to see if there was an update. There was no update. I had this feeling though on Sunday night that I was going to end up having to go in. Well I was right. After checking a few times and even calling in to find out if there were updates, people with the last names beginning with A-K had to report in at 1:30. Son of a bitch! That didn't give me a lot of time to get ready and go down there.

Get down there, wait in line for a little bit and I reach the jury duty room at about 1:30. Tons of people in there. Apparently Monday is a busy day at the courthouse. It took maybe 10 minutes before I was called to sit on a panel. Then I spent the next 2 and a half hours in a courtroom on the panel. There were 30 of us and 14 were going to be picked for the jury. Won't get into all the details but it was a case where a black guy was being accused of sexually abusing a child. I didn't get picked. Kinda glad I didn't get picked. Don't think I would of wanted to sit in on that trial. I guess me being an unemployed 36 year old blogger helped me not get picked. Well I don't know if that is the reason or not, I am just going to go with it though.

Been spending the last few nights outside just sitting on the porch. We got a bird feeder to put in the tree that we have in front and I am constantly sitting downstairs watching the birds come and go. Really relaxing. Never realized how much of a bird watcher I am until we got that. I actually use to sit outside on the porch all the time and I stopped doing that. It is good that I reconnect with something that I use to do that I find relaxing.

Here is the part of my blog where I say that I am proud of myself. Wait, did I just really say that? Yes I did. So everyone knows I suck at dieting but if there is one thing I've done good in that would be my walking routine. I try to go basically every morning before I eat breakfast. Sometimes I wake up and I am like ugh not today but I force myself to go anyways. My walking has paid off. Back to the dieting part. I haven't always done good following it. I am like 20-25 pounds lighter then my heaviest weight. So why am I proud of myself? In the past 3 years I haven't gained any weight. I'm going to call that a victory. Lots of people lose the weight and can't hold off gaining it back. I have finally found my own way of not gaining any weight. Now I must celebrate by eating some cake! Kidding.

Actually despite all that I am trying to exercise more and watch what I eat to a certain extent. I wake up every morning and go for my walk and I added in riding the exercise bike later on in the day. Trying to get 25-30 minutes a day exercising. I'm really proud of myself that I can hold off the weight but I'm not stopping there. When I reach my actual weight goal people will be in shock. Not doing it for shock value though, I am doing it for me.

That is all for now. I have some dreams to blog about so hopefully I will be getting to them really soon. This summer I am calling "The Summer of the Nick". Great things are going to happen, that is a promise!

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