Early Tuesday morning and I can't sleep so here I am. This is also my 300th blog. Woo hoo. Celebration time.

Beautiful morning here. We've been dealing with some muggy weather but this morning it is gorgeous. We are no longer muggy and there is a nice breeze. I've had my air conditioning on for the past few days so to be open up the windows is nice. Should be perfect for my walk later.

Over the weekend they kept telling us how we were going to get hit hard with severe weather on Monday. Of course I was disappointed. They said we hd 2 rounds of storms that would hit us. Only got hit with one round. I just wanted to see some decent thunderstorms. I suppose the upside to us not really getting anything is that there was no damage and no tornadoes. The round of storms we got hit with weaken before it got to Milwaukee. Prior to that it was a nasty squall line of storms that produced as high as 95mph wind gusts, hail, heavy rain, etc. All we had was wind, some rain, and the occasional rumble of thunder. Milwaukee did have a wind gust of 51mph. It was enough to knock down some trees and whatnot across Milwaukee county. Unfortunately for us nearby a tree got knocked down into a power line and it knocked out our power for 2 and a half hours. Considering how bad some of the storms have been recently across the United States I suppose we did dodge a bullet yesterday.

In my last blog I was talking about the birds and our bird feeders. My father wanted a bird feeder for the backyard so I ended up getting another feeder. It is an adjustable platform feeder. Instead of the backyard my father told me to put it in front by the other feeders. We now have a total of 6 feeders. No wonder why we have a lot of animals coming and going here. I like it though. Oh and the cardinal that I was talking about in my last blog? He has finally found our feeders and makes an occasional appearance by our tree. Such a pretty bird. I have yet to get a picture of him.

Summer fest starts this week and as of right now we have no plans on going. Every year we have at least 2-3 concerts that we go to but this year we have nothing. Kinda sucks but I suppose this means we don't have to deal with crowds down there. It can be pretty chaotic coming out of Summer fest dealing with tons of people. Who knows though, maybe we will go down there just to walk around and check stuff out. At least we would be able to do so without the obligation of having to go to a concert and dealing with a mass amount of people.

Saw Jurassic World with my sister last week Monday. I thought it was pretty good. I enjoyed all of the Jurassic Park movies, yes even the ones that everybody seems to hate. I didn't like how many dinosaurs died in this movie though. Funny how I seem more concerned with the amount of dinosaur deaths then the deaths by humans. Call me weird I guess. Good movie though, I recommend going to see it.

Thats all for now. Hope everyone has a wonderful day. I am going to enjoy the decent weather that we are having.

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