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Hello blog. Been a little while. As usual I have quite a bit to write about now. I shall jump right in there.

I always figured that if I wanted to stay away from WoW that I would have to do something drastic. My account runs out on Saturday. I haven't had second thoughts about staying with the game. As I've said before I normally log on for a few minutes and then log off. I've been feeling like my time on WoW was coming to an end. Nothing lasts forever. I've spent 9 years on that game and wasted a hell of a lot of my time. Now I am starting to really see that all that wasted time could of been used for other things. Don't get me wrong though, I've met some great people on that game among all the not so great people but a lot of time and effort was put into that game.

Today in the spur of the moment I decided to do something drastic. I decided to delete all of my characters except for my 2 main characters and a banker type person. I went on every character of mine, stripped them all down and sold everything. Then I proceeded to delete them all. Yeah it wasn't exactly an easy thing to do but as I thought about it I realized that outside of the game all these characters that I've been playing for years mean absolutely nothing. It is time to rid myself of meaningless shit. Time to turn the page and start something new.

So now my knee has been bothering me quite a bit. I think this is just my typical yearly weather changes are coming type of pain. Really annoying though. It only really hurts when I move my knee. I've still been going for my walks every morning. Not going to let some knee pain get in the way of stuff that I like to do.

I am scheduled for jury duty on Monday and Tuesday. I am a reserve though. In most cases people who are reserves don't have to worry bout going in. This is great cause I like to avoid going to downtown Milwaukee unless I absolutely have to. Sadly there is something else that I have to go downtown for eventually but that is a secret. Oh the Nick is keeping secrets now? Yep, I do have a few. Better to keep some things to myself.

Not much else is really going on that is too exciting. Tibetan bowl, walking, knee pains, still keeping up with guitar, playing a little bit of SWTOR again here and there, waiting for it to be decent weather to have fire therapy nights on a consistent basis, Left 4 Dead 2 nights with friends on Fridays, and some other things that I shall not mention now. That is my life atm.

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