Sunday evening. Windows wide open with a gentle breeze blowing in. Kinda chilly from time to time but nothing too bad. I hear wind chimes throughout the neighborhood. Still a few birds chirping. Sometimes I wonder if they ever sleep. These same birds are up at 4am chirping away. Overall everything is peaceful, just the way I like it.

Can't say everything has been peaceful in the past week but lets not really dive deep into that. I realize that some people around me all they want is drama. If that is what they want then more power to them but this guy right here doesn't do that. Usually is always someone sticking their nose into something they shouldn't be sticking their noise into. I swear some people instead of fixing their own shit would rather just talk shit about stuff that doesn't even directly effect them. Thats all I have to say about that.

This weekend we had absolutely gorgeous weather. It hit 80 today and it was in the 70s yesterday. Thanks to a great weekend of weather we had our first fire therapy night last night. It was joyous! I also picked up a new chair for outside. One of those chairs that has compartments and a cup holder on it. Yeah, I am in love with that chair. Fire therapy season started and I couldn't be any happier then I am. Well thats a somewhat untrue statement but for right now it makes me very happy.

My sister decided that we should have a bulk order of wood delivered to our house and she would just take wood from it. This ended up being a good idea. Probably have enough wood to last for the summer, that also depends on how often we burn stuff. Anyways it was about $130 worth of wood that was dropped off and dumped in the driveway. Yeah you can pay extra and they will stack it for you but we figured it wasn't a big deal. It wasn't a big deal, I stacked all the wood in the garage. Course all that lifting and bending really made me feel sore for the next couple of days. Nothing too major though. Didn't stop me from taking my morning walks or anything.

In one episode of How I Met Your Mother they talk about how nothing good ever happens after 2am. This is so true. I believe it was Monday night sometime after 2am. I decided that I had a craving for cheese. I went into the kitchen to slice some cheese for myself. My damn finger got in the way and I sliced it. Nothing major. It did bleed a little bit. I cleaned it up and bandaged it. Of course it was in a very inconvenient place, my index finger on my left hand which is my fretting hand for playing guitar.

The cut was so small that I wasn't worried that it would effect my guitar playing. Of course I was wrong. I think it was Wednesday when I decided to pick up my guitar for a bit and touching the strings with my finger was irritating the cut. Son of a bitch! I put some of that new skin crap on my finger and by the next day I was pretty much back to normal playing guitar. It was really just a minor inconvenience. Could of been worse I suppose? I could of cut off my finger.

Think that is it for now. Going to sit here and continue to listen to the sounds coming from outside. Maybe listen to another Tibetan bowl. I do like this feeling of being peaceful, too bad it can't last forever. Certainly can try though, right?

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