The April project

Good Friday. Listening to Tibetan bowl. Cold outside. Perfect time to write a new blog.

Lets start with the weather. I would love to be able to sit outside and enjoy a nice fire. Sure a nice fire would keep me warm, however I don't want to freeze my ass off just to warm it up again with a fire. I know, it is spring in Milwaukee. This weather pattern does not surprise me. Warm and then cold, warm and then cold. Even the warm days are just a tease as to what is to come. Warm during the day and then as evening rolls around it gets cold. Stop teasing us! Have a complete day. How about my birthday if possible? I would love to have a nice fire going for my birthday.

Speaking of my birthday, no clue as to what my plans on. There is this haunted bar in Milwaukee that I might go take a tour of the Thursday night before my birthday. It all depends on the weather for what I plan on doing. If anybody has some ideas or wants to supply me with a red headed female, a milf, a female midget, or all of them combined then feel free to donate something to me.

So my shoulder/arm pain came back at the beginning of the week. It started on Sunday and then by Monday it was bad. I think this was worse then at any point last week. Hell I was in tears. Felt like at times my upper arm all the way up to my lower jaw was on fire. Actually I may of mistakenly caused some of the pain myself. I was using icy hot patches and they warn you not to use with a heating pad. Well I had an icy hot patch on early during the day and then put a heating pad on. That probably made things worse. By the time I went to bed Monday I was pretty sure I would end up going to urgent care on Tuesday.

Tuesday came around and yeah my arm was sore but it was no longer unbearable. I took it easy on Tuesday, watched some movies and made sure to stretch out my muscles occasionally. I think I was babying it way too much. So I stopped babying it and gradually throughout the week it has felt better. Still a bit sore but I will take sore over unbearable pain any day. I was also able to pick up a guitar again. I was scared that my guitar playing contributed to my pains. I don't think it actually did. Anyways, I hope that the worse of the pains is now over.

The April project. Yeah I have a little project that I am doing this month. It was inspired by listening to some of my Tibetan bowl videos that I found. I was sitting around with wireless headphones on last weekend and I had a notebook and was writing down stuff that I was seeing while I had my eyes closed. Every time I close my eyes while listening to this stuff it feels like I am going on some sort of journey. Something told me that I should just start writing random stories of things I had seen or of whatever pops in my head. So I started writing these short stories. I wrote like 9 of them in a short period of time. Nothing really special but I liked it. My creative juices were flowing.

 I decided to get one of those composition notebooks and my goal is to fill up all 100 sheets (200 pages) of short stories by the end of the month. Can it be done? Possibly and even if I don't reach the goal the important thing is I am feeling creative and I am creating something. It doesn't have to make sense to anyone. It doesn't have to make sense to me really. I just feel the need to create and I need to go with it.

Well that is all for now. Hope everyone enjoys their weekend and has a Happy Easter. I will be going over by my brother's house for Easter dinner. Free food, can't complain about that.

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