I hate thinking of blog titles

Saturday night at home in front of my computer. Tibetan bowl playing on youtube. Thought this was the perfect time for a new blog. Been a week. At least it was only a week unlike some periods where I went months without writing anything new.

Birthday is in a week. Woo hoo. Sadly it does not look like the weather is going to cooperate with us. I wanted to have a fire therapy night for my birthday but it doesn't even look like it will hit 50 next Saturday. Oh well, I am sure I will find something else to do.

I am on my walking routine at the moment. I wake up every morning and usually go for a walk. Even when I am totally not feeling like I want to go for a walk, I still do it. I need to go for longer walks though. 15 minutes a day is good but I should be doing like 30 minutes a day. Need to motivate myself to go for that extra 15 minutes. It will do you good Nick and plus you love being outside so just do it.

I was almost hit today by some asshole driver. I went grocery shopping and on my way home, the route I take every single time I am on my way, some guy nearly slammed in to me. I had a green light and I never usually go right away to make sure the intersection is clear. So I start going and this car filled with a bunch of guys decides that he does not want to stop at the red light. I swerved out of the way, thankfully no traffic was coming. I looked at him and start yelling a bunch of, well words I will not repeat here. Course the car was filled with a bunch of guys. My first thought was ah shit they are going to follow me now and beat my ass or something. They didn't follow me. People are so impatient while driving. You will get to your destination but if you are reckless about it then you may not get there at all.

Cancelled my WoW subscription again. I can hear the cheering from the peanut gallery. I rarely play as is. In fact I will give an example. When I play guitar my sessions are usually around 1 to 2 hours. Closer to 2. The amount of time I spend on one guitar session is more then the amount of me I play WoW during the week. I log on WoW and I always question why. I really have 0 interest in the game. Kinda sad in a way since I've been playing for almost 9 years. All things must come to an end, right?

The new trailer for Star Wars episode 7 came out on Thursday. I can't express into words how excited I am for the new Star Wars movie to come out. Love the new trailer. It gave me chills and I had the cheesiest grin on my face while watching it. New movie comes out in December and I think I want to go to the midnight showing. I never go to midnight showings. This however is Star Wars, it almost seems like it should be mandatory. I decided to turn on the very first Star Wars movie cause I felt like I needed more Star Wars in my life. Which is true, I do need more Star Wars in my life!

Thats all for now, well that is a lie. I could sit here all night typing away and writing ridiculously long blogs. No one wants to read novels about my life though, right? Actually few people have told me to do so. Maybe one day.

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