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The day before my birthday. Figured I'd write a blog now cause later on I will be a bit busy. Plus not really much else to do since I am being lazy.

Grey day outside today. The sun was out earlier and it was decent outside but the clouds are rolling in and with the clouds more rain. Rain that continues into tomorrow. Usually my birthdays are pleasant days but it is not looking like that tomorrow. It is suppose to be barely 40 with rain the majority of the day. How lame. I was hoping to get a fire therapy night for my birthday but that is not happening. Oh well its ok. Plenty of days for that coming up.

Disappointment today. Well kinda I suppose. So this haircut place that I go to there is this cute chick that usually cuts my hair whenever she is there. We talk about random stuff, briefly of course cause my hair doesn't take long to get cut. I know nothing really about her other then the fact that she is cute. My friend Mary was trying to get me to find out her full name, get a number, etc. Found out all I really needed to know today, she is married. I saw that coming though and I even told my friend this. Its ok though, I'm not really that disappointed.

Tonight I get to hang out with my internet friends as we have a night dedicated to playing Left 4 Dead 2. Drinking optional. Well actually not optional for me. I will be. Its been awhile. I deserve a night of stupidity on occasion. Should be fun though sitting around chatting with people and killing zombies.

Speaking of games, my playtime has been devoted to Star Wars Empire at War, WWE 2K14, and Rocksmith 2014. Notice how I didn't mention WoW? Someone had asked me this week about my playtime on WoW and I was honest by saying that basically the game just doesn't do it for me anymore. It just doesn't. I've missed out on other great games while I've been wasting my time on WoW. I don't regret the amount of time I spent on WoW. I did have lots of fun on that game from time to time but I just spent way too much time on it. No more though. I'm having more fun playing a variety of games instead of just one all the time.

Before I end this blog I have one last thing to share. Anytime a spider invades my room, my method of dealing with them is the vacuum cleaner with the hose. My father thinks I am weird for doing it. I disagree. See normally I will let spiders live until they test the boundaries I set for them. Yes I will go up to them while they are hiding in the corner and I will talk to them. Usually I use Star Wars quotes and tell them not to come too close or I will destroy them. So there were 2 hanging around in my room today. One in the corner and one on the wall near a corner. I decided to deal with them instead of waiting. So I got the vacuum cleaner and sucked them up. See magazines and other various items I have around my room do jack shit to these spiders. They never die unless I nearly put a hole in the wall. Using the vacuum accomplishes two things. One there is no possibility of a hole in the wall. Two no squished spider guts on my wall. My logic on this situation is sound.

I'm out for now. Next blog will probably be my yearly birthday blog. Oh boy!

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