Birds chirping. Windows open. Cool breeze coming in. Days like today are why I love spring. Of course you have to go through the bad days first to get to the good ones.

We had a round of shitty weather during the week. Think it was causing me to be in some what of a funk among a few other small things. Wednesday was just dark and gloomy and then Thursday was rainy the majority of the day. Think we had over 3 inches of rain fall on Thursday. On the plus side we did experience some thunderstorms. Hooray for lightning and thunder! Of course I probably wouldn't sound this cheerful about thunder and lightning if the house got struck by lightning.

Today is a far cry from what it was a few days ago. Perfect weather. No clouds and it got into the low 60s, I think. It is nice to have a breeze coming through my rooms. Also to hear the birds chirping away. I know the chirping sounds from birds annoy some people, not me. Not even when I hear them in the morning. In fact I enjoy sitting in the other room on the couch and just listening to them outside. Sometimes they are right outside my window, other times you can see them flying by to go in the trees nearby. From my couch I can also observe squirrels climbing on the telephone poles and the trees. To see anything on the ground I actually have to walk to the window but I have seen rabbits back there, an opossum, raccoons, chipmunks, and even a hawk on a few occasions. I'll call our backyard "the Kendzierski zoo".

Was in a funk for a bit this week. Didn't feel like doing anything. No writing, no guitar playing, no Tibetan bowl, nothing. I'm over it now though. It happens. Can't be happy 24/7, just have to try to push the negativity out and not dwell on it. Since I am in a better mood now, that is all I have to say about my funk.

I've been working on another project. I won't say what it is though. A few people know what I am talking about and I will leave it at that. It is big though, which is why I won't say what it is until I have successfully completed the project. I find it better to not tell people what I am doing cause then I don't have people constantly saying shit to me if I take forever to get it done or talk shit to me if I don't get it done. Although I don't really care what people think, the less bitching that I hear the better.

I don't know what is going on with my shoulder/neck region. It is more of my neck then my shoulder though. Mainly a discomfort. I can move my neck fine and I am not limited with anything really. Usually when I am sitting by my computer but I notice if I am by my computer doing something like listening to music, playing a game, playing a guitar, etc then there is no discomfort at all. Thinking I should switch out this chair I am using for something else and I should maybe go to a chiropractor.

That is all for now. Back to listening to my Tibetan bowl then probably a night of music and playing some guitar. Maybe I'll be inspired to write a bit in my composition book. Maybe one day I'll share some of my writings from that book.

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