April history lesson

I never write blogs during the middle of the day. I need a time killer before I go pick up my sister to take her out shopping. Writing seemed like the proper thing to do especially when I have a lot to write about. April is not only the month of my birth but a month filled with various things that have happened in my life. I call this blog "April history lesson".

What prompted this writing was me going back and looking at some stuff that people had posted on this website called livejournal. I had one of those before. I wrote many things in that journal. Some rather funny, some sad, some mean, some things were downright annoying. I deleted that journal few years ago. I didn't want anything I had said in that journal to be used against me. I kinda regret doing it now. I wrote about a lot in there.

Friday April 3rd 1998. My first cross country trip by myself. 1998 was a weird year for me. My mom died, I dropped out of high school, and at the time I had a girlfriend that was long distance that I only really knew through the internet, letters, and talking on the phone. Not going to revisit that entire story now though. Exactly 2 months after the passing of my mother I hopped on a greyhound bus and set off for Florida to see my girlfriend for the first time.

That trip was scary. I mean not only was I traveling 1500 miles to see someone that I've never seen face to face but I was traveling alone to places that I've never been to before. While traveling through Kentucky into Tennessee we got into some really rough weather. Tornado warnings were going out. I just remember sitting on the bus and it was very dark outside. Lots of lightning, heavy rain, strong winds. I was scared that something may happen to the bus. Tornado hitting it or something.

We made it to Florida the following day. I knew we were in Florida cause it was the first time that I'd ever seen a palm tree. I made it to my destination sometime later that day. I had spent the last 36 hours on greyhound buses. This is when I met my ex-wife Jen for the first time in person. I won't get into that story though. Most people know it anyways. I ended up staying in Florida with her and her family for the next month.

Monday April 1st, 2002. My ex-wife and I moved back to Florida. In between all this is stories of how I moved from Wisconsin to Florida back to Wisconsin to North Carolina back to Wisconsin and then to Florida. Again, I don't want to get into all of that. Jen wanted to move back to be close to family and friends in Florida. I wasn't too excited about it, ok actually I didn't want to move. I think in time I really hated that my life was being changed once again to suit the needs of someone else and ultimately it was one of the contributing factors for me getting a divorce.

Long road trip. Her father traveled up here and drove the uhaul truck while Jen and I were in our car. The car was a piece of shit that we overpaid for. While on the road in Tennessee our air conditioning went out. Just outside of Atlanta, Georgia the car broke down cause of the a/c being broken. Amazingly we avoided getting into any accidents while trying to get our car to a safe place before it was totally undriveable. Good news was the car was repairable. Bad news it would cost 1200 dollars to repair. 1200 dollars is the exact amount we had saved up for our move. The day of the breakdown, April 2th, was a long hellish day filled with fighting, finger pointing, and me screaming off the top of my lungs to get everyone to shut the fuck up. Lucky for us the car place was right by a hotel so we crashed there for the night.

The next day the car was ready to go by sometime in the afternoon so we continued our venture to Florida. We made it to West Palm Beach on the 4th which oddly enough was the day that I first met Jen in Florida 4 years prior. We hung out there for a day and then moved in with our friend Marcie in Fort Lauderdale.

Course I am skipping a lot of stories that I could be telling but then this blog would be insanely long and I just wanted to focus on specific things in April.

 Saturday April 3rd, 2004. The day I got married. You know even though the outcome of this ended up in a divorce, this was still one of the best days of my life. The wedding was fun. The reception was fun. Walking to the hotel room that night totally drunk off my ass and walking sideways was funny. I remember Jen asking what I was doing and I told her that I was walking to the hotel room and she replies with you are walking sideways. It doesn't matter how I get to my destination, all that matters is that I get there.

Oh yes, can't forget about an important day. April 8th, 1998. The day I lost my virginity. Not like anybody really needed to know that. I'll spare everyone by not talking about any of the details.

I've been told not to dwell on the past. I think there is a difference between dwelling on the past and talking about stuff in the past. To me dwelling on stuff that happened would be like me saying I went through a divorce and then attacking my ex in a negative way. It would mean that I never got over it and haven't accepted it. I can talk about it and totally approach it in a neutral way without saying anything negative about the person.

I think it is great to look back and reflect on some of the things you have been through as long as you try not to do so in a negative way. Accept what has happened, learn from it, move on, remember the good points. Within all bad experiences in life are good experiences.

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