I am late with my birthday blog. Typically I write it towards the end of the day on my birthday or the day after. I intended on writing it yesterday but I got sidetracked due to me being in not so good of a mood. I'm better now so lets talk about my birthday!

Friday night, the 24th, I decided to get together with online friends of mine and we had a night of playing Left 4 Dead 2 and celebrating my birthday. It was a fun night with a really good turnout. In fact that was the most amount of people we've had at one time playing Left 4 Dead with us. We also played for over 4 hours too. We don't usually play that long. It was fun though and was a night full of laughs.

I was pretty drunk. I decided to do some pre birthday celebrating by having some drinks. Well some drinks turned into a lot and yeah I was pretty trashed. I of course regretted this the next day cause I battled headaches, heartburn, etc. It is ok though, not like I get trashed like that very often. I didn't realize how much I had to drink until we were done playing the game and I got up to go downstairs. I am thankful I didn't fall down the stairs or anything like that. I was totally trashed stumbling into walls. I was on facebook talking to a friend and I told her that I could not get to bed until I sobered up. That never happened. She logged off facebook and I went into the other room to lay down on the couch and I was out for a few hours.

I woke up and was like no this is not happening, way too early. I was actually still logged on facebook. Left my facebook opened, my light on in the other room, etc. Saw a few people wishing me a happy birthday but I needed to get back to sleep for a few hours. In those few hours I had a crazy dream, which if I decide to write about will be in a different blog. Think I still may of been a bit drunk when I finally decided to wake up. I still went for my daily walk and that helped a bit.

Not much went on during the day other then people showing me birthday love on facebook and that is always appreciated. I went to pick up my sister Cindy and we ordered some food from Saraphinos. That place is a long time favorite of ours. Great Italian food. I typically get the chicken parmesan with lasagna. I can never finish the whole thing though. After dinner we had some cake. My sister was trying to encourage my father to sing happy birthday but apparently he forgot the words to it. How does someone forget the words to happy birthday? We had a good laugh out of the that. I couldn't blow out the birthday candle cause I was laughing. My sister also got me some really cool wind chimes for my birthday. One is a grim reaper and the other one is gargoyles. I have them hanging up in my hallway.

Afterwards I went by my sister's house to hang out. I failed to mention that they kept saying it was suppose to rain all day on my birthday and our plans changed according to what they were telling us. It never did rain on my birthday but it was still too chilly to have a fire. Anyways had fun over by my sister's place. Talking and listening to music. Our friend Christine came over to chill out with us. We had a few good laughs. Particularly at the Frank Zappa song-Don't eat the yellow snow. Not sure why it was so damn funny but I was in tears from laughing.

Always a little bit depressing when a birthday comes to an end but I had fun and it was a good day even if I was battling the after effects of a night of drinking. I got some cool gifts, ate some good food, had a few laughs, etc. Oh and lots of birthday love on facebook. My birthday is the one day out of the year where I don't mind facebook all too much.

Reflection time? In between my 35th birthday and my 36th one I think I learned quite a bit about myself and I think in some ways I've changed. Change isn't always present to everyone. Change can be a change in the way of your thinking, the way you do things, becoming a better friend, etc. Majority of people probably wouldn't notice if I changed any cause in the minds of some people changing means stuff like job, relationship, etc. One of the biggest things for me in the past year is bringing meditation stuff into my life. It has become a part of the daily routine. I think if anything I have more of an appreciation for life.

I know I am far from perfect. I have my haters out there. I have people constantly nitpicking everything that I do or don't do. Its fine though. I procrastinate. I've been told I have no goals, no dreams, no hope, etc. I don't share my plans, I've repeated this over a lot over the years. I do know that in the upcoming year I'm going to surprise a lot of people. That is one thing everybody can count on.

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