Put your head on my shoulder

"Put your head on my shoulder
Hold me in your arms, baby
Squeeze me oh so tight
Show me that you love me too"

Did I really just quote a Paul Anka song? Yes I certainly did. Not cause I am listening to the song or anything. Although I will admit I've been walking around singing those lyrics for the past few days. I'll explain why but first I wanna say hello to all my wonderful lovely followers on the interwebs. I haven't written at all lately and I will get into that a bit.

I should explain why I quoted Paul Anka. On Tuesday morning I woke up and had really a really bad pain on my right shoulder shooting down into my upper arm. I was sleeping on that side of my body when I woke up so most likely I slept wrong. Maybe I got into an insane wrestling match with a ghost overnight and the ghost fucked up my shoulder. I dunno. Anything is possible, right? Need to set up surveillance to find out what goes on when I am asleep.

The shoulder pain persisted for the next few days. Today it is feeling much better though. Past few days have been hellish. I was having a hard time making any sort of movement, even simple stuff like putting on deodorant or changing/putting on a shirt was very painful. For whatever reason I kept walking around the house singing Paul Anka in hopes that it might just ease the pain or make me laugh at myself to get my mind off the pain.

Finally yesterday I decided to go to Target to get some icy hot patches and some cream. That trip of course was not without any incidents, I'll explain in another paragraph. So I got the stuff and came home. I wore the patch all day yesterday and then used the cream at night. It seemed to work well. I suppose listening to Tibetan healing bowls and just relaxing it helped too.

So my Target story. I swear I always come home from that place with some story to tell. I am driving in the parking lot and I pull into my spot. As I am doing this some lady decides to drive across the parking lot and in the process nearly hits me cause I am pulling my car forward into the spot. I look at her and she looks back at me and gives me a dirty look. Oh bitch I know you didn't just give me a dirty look! So I start screaming and yelling at the top of my lungs. Screaming all sorts of names and whatnot at her. I won't repeat them here. I was pretty pissed. All I was trying to do was park the car and she almost hits me as I am parking. I get out of the car and I see her in the store and I said to myself "not worth it". My meditation stuff is totally helping! I didn't get angry and I was totally peaceful about the entire thing! /sarcasm

Mother Nature is being bipolar again. Last week we had a day that was 70 and a few other nice days and then this week it is back to the reality of spring. We have had some snow showers and the high today I believe was below 30. You are killing me Mother Nature. I just want it to be decent enough to go outside and enjoy a fire!

Other then my shoulder hurting I've had various things ailing me this week. My dry feet problem. Man if there is one reason why I miss Florida it would be the fact that my feet actually looked beautiful. Been putting a lot of lotion on them, it seems to help. Then cause of the stupid weather changes my knees have been bothering me on and off. Few headaches every now and then. Hey, I'm still alive so whatever. I shall take down whatever gets in my way.

That is all for now kids. I have some future writings planned so my departure from the world of blogging shouldn't be too long.

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