Hooray spring!

Finally spring has arrived here in the state of Wisconsin. Rejoice! So funny that when it gets into the 40s here we act as if it is in the 70s. Its true, it was in the 40s on Saturday with a slight breeze but that did not stop me from getting one of the chairs out of the garage and sitting outside for a few moments. The arrival of spring is not the only good thing that has happened.

I am leaving WoW once again. I seem to write about this at least once a year. Not much to really say other then I came to a conclusion about WoW. WoW needs me more then I need WoW. Lets discuss my statement. I've helped many people out over the years. I've taught people how to play their classes, I've ran guilds, I've bought people stuff, etc. I no longer need the game. WoW is ultimately a time killer, and a major time killer at that. I am thankful for some of the people I have met on there but it is time to move on. I just don't need the game anymore. A perfect example would be last week. I am about to log on the game, I am looking at the character screen. I look behind me and see my guitar. I look at WoW again and then once more back to my guitar. I then say to myself, I'd rather play guitar then play WoW.

Which leads me to the next thing, I've been playing guitar a lot more. I'm going to seriously try not to make it just a phase I am going through but something that I stick with. I picked up Rocksmith 2014 on steam. I also started downloading custom made songs onto Rocksmith 2014. Got a bunch of stuff from Sabbath, Maiden, and Metallica. Been having fun with that. When I am not on Rocksmith I am playing outside of the game making use of the nice guitar amp that I had sitting there collecting dust. I've been playing like 1 to 2 hours a day. Even picked up my bass guitar for a bit last night too. I've been having fun with guitar. If I try something new and I can't play it then I just continue to push forward. Practice, practice, practice.

With it getting warmer out finally this means that fire therapy nights are in the near future. Hooray! This makes me happy. It was actually just nice to be able to sit outside and not freeze my ass off. Give me a few months and I'll be bitching about how hot it is.

Thats about it for now. Going to go jam on Rocksmith in a little bit. Steam started this new thing awhile back that allows your friends to watch the game you are playing. Now when I play Rocksmith my friends can now watch and listen to how much of an amazing guitarist I am. I couldn't say that with a straight face.

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