I am happy to have random weirdness in my life. It gives me something to talk about in my blogs. Even if things may just be a coincidence, it is still interesting to talk about. My story is about my gargoyle clock that I haven't used as a clock in over 10 years.

I like collecting mini gargoyle statues/other stuff. I only have a few of them. One that I had was a statue that I received from my mom but sadly it ended up getting destroyed when I moved to North Carolina back in 99. The gargoyle clock that I mention in this blog I received as a gift from my ex-wife at some point. I am not entirely sure when either. She knew I loved gargoyles so she bought it for me.

The other night I am sitting in my room just looking around at stuff. I notice my gargoyle clock. It is sitting on top of my cd shelve that is between my tv and another shelf. I noticed that the time on the clock reads 8:15. The clock hasn't been used in years. In fact I think the batteries died before I went through my divorce with my ex-wife which was 10 years ago last month. I've never really done anything with the clock other then move it from one place to another. Never adjusted the time or anything.

As I am sitting there I keep on looking back at the clock and then my eyes roam around elsewhere in the room. I am thinking to myself that there is something significant with 8:15 though. I try to ignore it and go about my business but I can't shake this feeling. Then it occurs to me what it is.

Back in time a little bit. November 4th, 2004 was the day that I found out from my then wife that she was thinking of leaving me for another man. I'm not going to get into details about that day, I have before in blogs years ago. That night I got out of work a little bit before 8pm. She picked me up from work and after I got home we had the life changing discussion. I bring this up because it was around 8:15pm on that night that I found out about her possibly hooking up with some other guy and wanting a divorce. Not sure why I remember all these little details for. Hell I even remember the song that was playing in my head at that moment too. "Ecstasy of Gold" was in my head during that whole thing. Probably cause we were going to see Metallica in a few days.

Could it be just a coincidence about the time that is shown on my clock? Yeah possibly. I just find it interesting that we had that conversation starting around the same time that is shown on a clock that hasn't had batteries in it for years. Lets not forget that this clock is something that she gave me as a gift too. Maybe its not really meant to be a reminder of what happened on that day but it serves as a reminder of the time when a new life began for me.

See the old Nick is not nearly as positive as the new Nick is. I like the new Nick. I think I'll keep him around for awhile.

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