More sluts needed!

I know some will roll their eyes at my blog title and then there are some that are just automatically thinking what the hell Nick. I assure everyone that the title is just an inside joke between my friend Mary and I. It does not mean I am looking for sluts. Hell at this point I should stay away from females all together but we won't get into all of that right now.

Mary and I were talking about my love life. Wait a second, Nick has a love life? Ha! That may be the best joke of the year thus far. Anyways we were just talking about stuff. I joke around all the time about how I should just have sex with random females. Anyone who really knows me knows that I couldn't do that. Besides, I'd have to find females who are actually willing to have sex with me and we all know that doesn't happen. BURN! Who needs someone else to burn me with jokes, I do such a great job of burning myself. In our conversation I said something about writing a blog and naming it "I need more sluts in my life". I shortened it to "more sluts needed". That is the story of why the blog is titled the way it is.

Love life? Lets just say it doesn't exist. Right now my thought on the subject is if it happens then great, and if it doesn't happen then maybe at some point it will. I've pretty much decided that right now is "me time". Has anyone caught my interest? Well of course. Thats all I will say about that.

I really should be going to bed instead of writing a blog. I actually have stuff to do tomorrow. I'm going to start off my day by going to get my haircut. I haven't had my hair cut since October. I am hoping that one cute hair stylist is there. We actually have conversations when I am there. Now if only I was brave enough to be like "hi, you are hot, wanna have sex?". Oh lord Nick, if that is how you approach females then its amazing you have even had girlfriends in your life. I'm only kidding though. Hope she is there though. Eye candy while getting my haircut, even though I have to take my glasses off and I can't see shit anyways.

Later on in the day my sister and I are going to Applebees. I have a 25 dollar gift card to use. I intend on getting a nice big steak! Haven't seen my sister since Christmas. Been cold here and well she kinda hibernates during the winter. I don't blame her, winter sucks! I'm sure I will be hanging out a lot more with her as the summer months are coming up.

Speaking of summer, the first concert that I am interested in going to was just announced tonight. Imagine Dragons are coming to Milwaukee on June 13th. Yes! Excited about this show cause a couple years back we missed out on a chance to see them at Summer fest cause those idiots booked them on a small stage. So I am excited about that. I hope that they announce a few more good shows for the summer.

One thing that I started to do awhile back that I have not mentioned is I started meditating. Back in October I was browsing around youtube and found this Tibetan bowl meditation video. I decided to listen to it. It was an hour long video. I made it through the whole thing. I began listening to it every single night. I must say it was pretty relaxing. If I was feeling any pain or stress at all, it went away while listening to this. At one point I sorta dozed off and was having all sorts of images, thoughts, etc while I was listening to it. It was really pretty interesting. I don't listen to it on a daily basis but on occasion I will turn it on and just lose myself in what is going on. Its been very helpful to me. I probably should listen to it more though and maybe find some other videos to listen to and watch.

Since I should go to bed in a few I should probably end it there. See the blog ended up not being about sluts at all. I know, what a misleading title. You know what though? I am not sorry.

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