I've come to the conclusion that my personal blog seems self-centered. Its all about me, me, me! Well that does make sense Nick since this is your own personal blog telling people about your life or whatever it is that you want to talk about. I suppose most blogs would come across as self-centered. Am I wrong in this conclusion? Anyways, lets talk about me!

I for one can not wait until it warms up here. We all know that when it starts to get too hot here I am going to be bitching for it to be colder. It is a lose-lose game that we play. Right now I just would like it to be warmer outside so I don't feel so coped up in the house. I think the high tomorrow is only suppose to be like 4 degrees or something. I really can't wait to set stuff on fire again in the fire pit. I am longing for it!

First day of lent was today. I'm not really big into the religious thing but I do make it a point to do something during lent. Usually it is silly stuff such as claiming I gave up religion for lent, or shaving my head for lent, or last year it was linking a random video a day to annoy people on facebook for lent. This year I figured I'd focus on something directly with me for a change.

I'm very bad at keeping up with playing guitar. I love music and it would be cool to be in a band to make music one day. I just don't do a very good job of keeping up with my guitar playing. I decided for lent that I would pick a new song a day to try to master on Rocksmith. I thought that this would be good to try to get me back into playing guitar on a continuously basis. I really should be playing an hour or two a day at least. Day one was a success. Probably the best I've sounded playing guitar in a very long time. There is still hope.

I've cut my playtime down on WoW. Yeah I did level another class to 100. 7 out of 11 classes done. Still I haven't been doing that much other then leveling one of my characters. I've done good with finding other stuff to do. I really think my time is running out with that game. I've been playing it basically for 9 years. What more can I possibly do with it? Feels like it may be time to move on. For good? Well you know few years back when I "quit", I was convinced that I was never going back to the game. I made it 15 months and then went back. Then I got involved with guild leading, raiding, and all of this other shit. While I admit I hate following people, leading shit on that game is just not for me anymore. Who knows what I am going to do? I could just stay casual like I've been doing and fall back on WoW if I am bored. Nothing wrong with that, right?

Well I am off to turn on some of my meditation stuff. Yes you did read that right. That is one of the other things I've been doing a lot of lately. I think I have mentioned it briefly in another blog. I'll be writing about it soon, I promise. Some really interesting stuff I'll be sharing with people!

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