Forever available

I don't like the term "forever alone". I use to say it myself, in fact my Valentine's day blog from 2 years ago was titled that. I chose the to say "forever available". It simply means that I am so damn awesome that I am going to hold out for someone equally as awesome as myself.

Valentine's day 2015. What exciting things did I do today? Well, I walked outside into the bitter cold to check mail and to put some recycling into the recycling bin. I decided to get into my car for about 10 minutes to make sure it still runs after sitting for a few days. I blasted some Metallica in the car, started to sing and head bang. I probably looked like an idiot but I am pretty sure no one saw me so its ok. That has been the excitement of my day. Been thinking of stuff to do and nothing had my interest. In fact I wasn't going to write this blog but I talked myself into it.

If there is one thing I do right it would be playing the matchmaker for people. Lord knows I am terrible when it comes to matters of my own heart but I seem to have a good success rate hooking other people up. I know, it does not need to be said, my time will come one day. Anyways not sure if I talked about my friends Mary and Kenny before, I am sure I have. Kenny asked me to be his best man. They most likely will be moving up to Wisconsin at some point. I was responsible for the two of them meeting. They both were long time friends of mine who met on facebook through me and then we all started hanging out and playing steam games together. They connected and are getting married in a couple of years. Well the point of this little story is Kenny got Mary a bunch of stuff for Valentine's day and in the card to her he mentioned me. Thanks to me they have been together for almost 2 years. That made my morning and well made my day. I may be single, I might not have my life figured out yet, I may make mistakes and what, etc but sometimes all it takes is things like that to make you realize that I have had an impact on people in their lifes and that is just enough to make me realize that I am doing something right.

In closing, I'm not really worried about being single. Someday I'll be in a relationship again and then I'll be bitching about how much my girlfriend annoys the living hell out of me. If you are a single female and are interested in me, go look at my girlfriend application blog and see if you qualify. Actually, no don't read that blog. That blog was terrible. I did write it as a joke though. Anyways, bye for now. Hope everyone enjoys the rest of their Valentine's day. I'll be putting on some meditation stuff to listen to in a few minutes. One of my next blogs will be about that.

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