A theory about February weather

Let us all rejoice because my most favorite month of the year is now here. Wait, did I not say in my last blog that February is my least favorite month of the year? This is correct. My first sentence was total sarcasm. However I do believe that my attitude to begin this month is a lot different then in past years. Not just saying that to say it either. I actually feel it.

Super bowl was on Sunday. I didn't watch all too much of it but yet managed to go walk into the other room and catch every single touchdown of the game. I must be psychotic or something. Wait not psychotic, psychic! Anyways the Patriots beat the Seahawks. Seahawks should of won that game but made one of the silliest play calls that I've ever seen. 2nd and goal from the 1 with 20 seconds left in the game and 2 timeouts they decide to pass the ball and it is intercepted. Just silly. I didn't really care who won the game to be honest but after the Packers blew their game against the Seahawks it was kinda nice to see them lose. Sorry Seahawks fans, yes I know a few of them that do read this blog. Nothing against your team, you guys have a great team, but as a Packer fan I couldn't cheer for them. So football season is now over. Curious as to what boneheaded decisions my Packers will make in the off season.

In my last blog I talked about how we were in the middle of a snowstorm. We ended up with a foot of snow. In some areas are snow drifts were like 3-4 feet high. The wind was pretty crazy out there during the storm. It was pretty though to watch. That was until I had to go out there and clean it up. I'm still sore from it. Trying to shovel through 2-3 foot high snow banks is not fun. Told my father we need to invest in a snow blower. My brother ended up coming over with his snow blower to finish some of the job that I could not do. It took him a couple of minutes whereas I was out there for at least an hour shoveling random shit. Of course we get all of this cleaned up and it snowed a bit again today. Only a few inches though. That I can handle.

Today is the anniversary of my mom's death. Normally I come into this month being all depressed and whatnot and I've been the total opposite. That is good. Really good actually. Not going to sit here and say I've been perfect but to me it is encouraging that I seem to have my emotions and whatnot in check at the moment. I do think my mom has something to do with this snow we get when we get into the month of February.

Here is my theory about it and this was my thought process today. Whenever we get into the month of February it snows. It doesn't just seem like it snows, it does snow. Start of Feb this year a foot of snow. Couple of years ago 20 inches of snow. Looking back on my past few blogs from this month in previous years I always seem to mention something about snow or cold. My mom is totally behind this. Before she passed on she said that she would mess with us after she was gone. Every time around this year it turns cold or it snows. There has to be a connection! My mom is totally behind it to mess with us! She probably is all buddy buddy with mother nature and they have a deal going. Whenever it hits February in Milwaukee something has to happen. It is my mom and she messes with us by messing with the weather. Us being snowy and cold has nothing to do with it being the middle of winter here. No connection to that whatsoever!

Keeping the blogs short and simple right now. Quality over quantity. At least I am back to writing again, that is a good thing.

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