23/10 part 2

Back so soon? Yes. While I was rambling on in my last blog I totally forgot to write about something I had mentioned in the early part of the blog. I can't just leave people hanging so here we go with 23/10 part 2.

It seems as if significant things happen to me on this date every 13 years. My operation 23 years ago and then 13 years later my divorce on this day. Always something with the number 13 in my life but thats an entirely other story, which I've probably posted about before. If every 13 years something is going to happen on this day that means in another 3 years something is going to happen.

I talked to my friend Mary about this and I made my prediction. Here we go. Feb 10, 2018, I will get remarried. Wait, what? Yes, it will happen! I have 3 years to fall in love, get engaged, and get married. Thats plenty of time! I've only been single for the past almost 4 years now. Still, it can totally happen! It's not totally insane to think that some chick would want to marry me. I am pretty much awesome despite the tons of issues I have.

Last time I made a prediction like this was back for 12/21/12. I said the world was going to end not cause of some Mayan prediction but because I would get someone pregnant and my son would be born on that day bringing about the end of the world. I was way off on that prediction but there is always hope for this one.

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