Keep fighting

So I am sitting here after 2am trolling on facebook and blasting music when a thought crosses my mind. Gee Nick it has been a long time since your last blog. A very long time in fact. I figure it is a good time to return to what I do best, making these pointless blogs.

Lets get the bullshit out of the way. My Packers made it all the way to the NFC championship game, which I am proud that they made it that far. Without really getting into details about the game, they had the game won until the last 3 minutes of the 4th quarter and then it all came crashing down. A 19-7 lead quickly turned into them losing 22-19. They tied the game to send it into overtime but by then it was too late. They lost 28-22. Seahawks go back to the Super Bowl and the Packers get sent home to begin the off season. I have lots I could say about this game and what happened but right now I am just going to say fuck it. Not worth it. One of the most disappointing losses in my 27 years of being a Packer fan. It is what it is.

Haven't written since October so I haven't discussed the holidays. Thanksgiving was fine. Christmas was not bad. New Years was boring. There we go. I summed it up rather nicely. What? Am I suppose to add more to that? Ok. This Christmas we decided to spend it at home just my father and I. Two days before Christmas I started feeling sick. I tried to play it off cause I never usually get sick and I definitely never get sick around Christmas. Yeah well I was sick. All I wanted to do those first few days was sleep. I don't think I had the flu but it was an annoying cold. I had a cough/tickle in my throat for just about 2 weeks. Then the stuffy nose and a bit of a sore throat at the beginning. Yep kinda sucked. I fought it though the best I could. Sadly my sister Cindy was also sick, we both believe that we got sick the weekend before Christmas cause someone at her house was sick. Then we ended up getting my father sick. So this was the house of sickness for awhile. What can you do though? Rest up and try to fight it. I mean it did not completely ruin the holidays for us. I helped my father make a turkey for Christmas and it turned out really good.

The week before Christmas I was basically living in my car. I drove all around the city checking out places I haven't seen in a long time or trying to find new places. Well you can almost say trying to find new ways to get lost. I did come across this nice park down by Lake Michigan close to the Milwaukee/Racine border. I'm sure this place has a name but hell if I know what it is at the moment. Anyways there is a beach there and a parking area where you can stop to hang out and look at the lake. This place seems to be a new place of comfort for me, even if I haven't been there in weeks now. Last time I was there I was just hanging out in the car watching the water and thinking when suddenly off to my left there was a deer hanging out in the park walking around and eating. I took a moment to cherish this. Wisconsin has deer all over the place but yet this is the first time that I've seen a live deer roaming around. For me this was a rather special moment. I think what made it even better for me is before I went to the lake I stopped by the cemetery to visit my mom. I had a long conversation with her and I said something like "I kinda wish something special or out of the ordinary would happen". Seems as if someone may have heard me.

I don't want to make this a very long blog. It is late here and I should really head to bed. Before I do that though I wanted to bring up one more thing. Since we are in a new year now I don't really make resolutions, I make more of what I think the theme of the year should be for me. I don't remember last year or previous years before that. This one though is written down on a notebook right in front of me so I can see whenever I am at my computer. It is a simple message. The message is "keep fighting". A wise friend of mine,  whom has been through a hell of a lot in her life, told me those words and they stick to me like glue. I've been kicked down to the ground and stepped on many times. I've been shit on by people I didn't think would shit on me. Yet through everything that I've been through and continue to go through even if my life is far from perfect, I still attempt to get up and I fight through it. So that is my theme for 2015. No matter what comes my way. No matter who tries to kick me down. Whatever happens I will keep fighting.

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