I'm free!

Sometimes I make good decisions. Sometimes I make bad decisions. Then there are the decisions that I make that leave me and/or others thinking "what the fuck?". Some of my more recent decisions have probably been some of my better ones in a long time.

I decided to reread my post from last Feb about how I was running a guild again, I was happy, and leaving my old guild of HGTPW was a good decision. It was a poor decision. Looking back on it there were issues within the guild. I had my issues with how things were run and how the GM handled things. At the time I felt like I could not take it anymore so I decided to break off and try to do my own thing. I hate to say it but my decision making had way too much outside influence to it and nearly a year later I can say it was a bad decision. Things were not to the point that they were unfix able in that guild. Had I just tried harder to work things out I am sure things would of eventually been great. No, I was convinced that I needed to run a guild again. I was convinced what I was doing was right. I wasn't right. I was wrong. I can blame this it on outside influence all I want but ultimately it was my decision.

Truth be told, I never wanted to run a guild again. It is too much stress, too much hassle, too much obligation, etc. I felt like I had to though. Over the summer I started to realize that running a guild was no longer what I wanted out of WoW. What I wanted out of WoW was to log on, do my own thing, chat with friends, and just enjoy the game. Basically little to no responsibility. I felt like I should make it work. I owed it to some people to try to make it work. I was wrong.

I wouldn't say running Team Splat was a complete bust cause I did meet some new people and made some new friendships that will hopefully last a long time. My best decision that I made in a long time was last week when I finally decided enough was enough and I closed the doors to Team Splat. I no longer wanted to run the guild and since it seemed like people were going to be going out the door anyways I decided that I was not going to hand over GM to anybody else and Splat would go into oblivion. I had that guild for about 5 years and put a ton of money into buying guild banks and other stuff so I was not about to hand it over to anybody else. So as of right now Team Splat is no more.

Prior to this happening, which was only a matter of time with how the way things were going, I talked to a couple other people about the possibly of going to another completely different guild or trying to reconcile with my old guild. After an offer to go to another guild, that was not my old guild, was rejected by my co-gm, I decided to go through reconciling with my old guild. Myself and a few others ended up going back to my old guild.

I wouldn't say things are perfect. I mean I did leave them almost a year ago and was pretty shitty about doing it too. Thats not just me beating myself up about it or saying it to just to say it, I really do believe I was really shitty in how I left that guild. I am surprised that they took me back. It is a bit awkward though being in that guild again.  In time I am sure it will pass.

I'm free! That is the most important thing right now. I no longer have that obligation of running a guild, dealing with shitty people, dealing with people's complaints, etc. I can log on WoW when I want. I can log off WoW whenever I want. I don't have an obligation to anybody or anything right now. I must say that after running guilds, co running guilds, or being an officer in a guild that this is great to be free. Now if I ever happen to decide to run a guild again someone please punch me. Never again do I need to get involved in that leadership crap. I admit I feel a little bit weird at the moment without these obligations and a little bit lost. I'll get over it in time though.

I want to close this blog by saying this: changes are coming, be prepared.

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  1. Let it be known i actually read all of this...success!!!