A quiet Saturday night

Middle of winter on a Saturday night. Sitting at home watching some snow come down. Don't feel like playing WoW nor do I feel like playing Madden so I figured I'd come to my blog. Will I have anything interesting to say? Not entirely sure.

My least favorite month of the year starts tomorrow. If you've been reading my blogs over the years I don't think I really need to explain why. Can't I just skip February and maybe even March? I like April. April is always a good month! Although I dislike the month of February I have high hopes for good things coming my way. Positive thinking Nick, keep it up!

Last night I was reading this one story about this stray cat who was abused and treated like shit by all the people in this neighborhood. One day the cat was mauled by a couple of dogs. A guy saw the dying cat and decided to try to help it. In the cat's last moments the cat was all happy, purring, and giving this guy kisses for just being there for him. Cat ended up dying in the guy's arms. It was really heartbreaking to read that story. In the end regardless of how the cat acted and how the cat was treated, the cat just wanted some love. In his dying moments the cat finally did get some love. Really sad. I sat there for awhile on the couch with tears in my eyes thinking about the story. Thinking about how in the past I've treated some animals like crap. Never really abusive though but still I could of done better. I am thankful for the two cats that I do have now. They are sweet and lovable and if something ever happened to one of them I'd be devastated. I really do think I like animals more then humans. They love us unconditionally and sometimes they love us more then they love themselves.

So far this winter we haven't had much snow at all but that is suppose to change over the next 24 to 36 hours. We have a snowstorm coming in and we are expected to get at least 9 inches of snow here. Could be more actually cause it will be lake enhanced snow and you can never count on them to accurately predict that. All I know is that I'll be stuck in the house watching the snow tomorrow. That is ok cause it may be more interesting then the super bowl.

Speaking of the super bowl, is there anyone other then me who really doesn't give a shit who wins? As soon as the Packers lost the NFC championship game I lost interest in the super bowl. Especially with how they lost the game. I still would rather not talk about it, sore subject in this house. I'm sure I will watch some of the game. I will probably watch the halftime show, I always do regardless of who is playing. Other then that I have a one word response for the super bowl this year...meh!

I have a lot more I COULD say but I think that is good for now. Nothing really special going on. Just a quiet Saturday night at home watching the snow.

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