Grocery store headache

Normally I don't mind going grocery shopping for my father, today however was one of those days that I wish I would of stayed in the house. Its ok though cause I am not really mad anymore, I just thought this would make for a good story.

First off dealing with the pharmacy. Before getting into any of the major shopping I figured I'd stop off at the pharmacy to pick up pills for him. When the lady got the pills for my father she was like whoa the price of this really went up. I can't remember the name of the damn medication now but just a few months ago he was paying $45 a month for it and then it got raised to $95 and today it went up to $137. The lady asked me if I wanted her to inquire about the increase by calling the insurance company. They put her on hold while I stood there patiently for about 10 minutes before we decided that it would be best for her to call the house after she talks to them.

Last time we made a roast, which we are making on Sunday, they have a special deal going when you buy a roast you get a package of veggies and potatoes. Well I was looking around for that package today to make life simpler and of course they only have those packages when the roast is on sale. Lovely. Off the top of my head I didn't know what veggies I want so I decided I'd just get them tomorrow since I am going out to Target with my sister.

I wanted to go down the cereal aisle to get a few things from there and the entire section is basically blocked off by them doing a reset. Wonderful! I hate then stores do resets. I suppose I can't bitch too much cause since I worked in grocery stores before I was a part of resets many times. What use to piss me off is people come into the store, reset shit, and then leave it for us to put back. Most of the times they didn't even put the tags back on so you'd have to guess where to put the shit. At least when I was running frozen food and then dairy department they let me do my own resets from time to time. They had reset plans in the books that I could follow. Anyways, I did manage to get into that aisle, it was just way more difficult then it should of been. Of course I am trying to get cereal and it is staring me right in the face and an old couple, whom decide to read everything on the box, is in my way. I finally got the box of cereal and got the hell out of that aisle.

The major part of my pissy mood was due to waiting in checkout. There were 3 checkouts open, one was express and I had way too much stuff for express. So I pick the smaller of the 2 lines which was a mistake. I should know that if a line is smaller there may be a reason. There was a lady in one of those electric carts. I am unsure what the situation really was. I think she was using gift cards or whatever and from what I could tell is she didn't have any money nor a card to use to cover the cost of stuff that wasn't covered by whatever it is that she was doing but here is what happened. First her total comes to 26 dollars and she takes a few items out of the bag and tells the cashier to take it off. Cashier does and it goes down to like 17 dollars. She then takes another item out of the bag, total goes down to 15 dollars. She then takes out a few more items. Down to 7 dollars. Slowly she starts taking more items out. Down to 3 dollars. Time to get rid of something else. Now she has slowly taken out enough shit from her bags to where the cashier is giving her money. I'm not entirely sure how I can keep my cool with this shit but I managed to stay calm. I didn't bitch, I didn't sigh. When I finally got out to the car I blasted some Metallica really loud. I really wish that people who go to stores and decide to pull shit like that would be a bit more respectful to others who are waiting in line. Yeah I hear this crap that we are suppose to respect our elders and shit but what if they are pulling shit like that while in a grocery store. They aren't the only customers in the store. You had other people waiting behind her and she just did not give a fuck. What should of been done since she didn't have a lot in the first place is the order should of been voided and she go to customer service to do that shit. Oh and of course when it was my turn finally, since this lady decided not to buy a lot of the items, the bagger had to return it so the cashier was bagging for me slowing down the process of me getting out of there. Ugh!

Doesn't end there cause shortly after I got home they called my father and he talked to the pharmacist for awhile. He later on called the insurance and whatnot. Well anyways he is stuck paying the amount for his meds for the time being. He needed it today so of course I had to run back to the store. I went about an hour after I got home. So I get back there and go to the pharmacy and of course what happens? The pharmacy is closed for a little bit cause she had to go for a lunch break. At this point I am laughing and thinking to myself "fucking seriously?". Instead of standing around in the store I decide to go back out to the car and turn on some music for a little bit and send some texts out just to kill some time. Went back in there like 10-15 minutes later and even though they were back open I had to wait another 5 minutes cause she was taking care of a customer on the phone. I was really happy when I was able to get out of there and I got back home.

So that was my experience today. Its ok cause it was just one of those minor bumps in the road. Made me mad for a little bit but I am fine now. If anything it made for a story for me to write about!

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