Awhile it has been

I figure that I would pay a visit to my blog since its been awhile. Not that I haven't had a lot of content to talk about cause well I think everyone knows me better then that by now. I guess I felt like taking September off from writing and now since it is October I feel refreshed, reloaded, and wanting to write pointless nonsense for everyone out there in cyberspace. Wait, thats not entirely true. I don't write for anyone else except for myself, I just happen to share my stuff with everyone else.

September was a pretty crappy month mixed in with a few good moments. I'm not going to dwell for long on the bad stuff. Don't dwell too much. It is fine to mention it and give some thoughts about it but then you move on. Learn to let go, I keep hearing my mom's voice tell me those exact words. Maybe, just maybe she is on to something. Haven't I said this before in previous blogs? Hell at this point I am unsure what I've written.

About a week and a half ago my sister's cat was put to sleep. It was actually really sad and it got to me quite a bit. I know my sister was taking it pretty hard. I am still not exactly sure what happened but it is was believed that he had developed cancer. He looked like he was in an awful lot of pain and looked ready to go. The night he was put to sleep I was at the emergency vet with my sister. When she made the decision that he was going to be put to sleep they let her hold him in her arms to say goodbye for awhile. That was really tough to watch. This cat that never really let me sister hold him like that before was so content with being held. You could see the pain in his eyes and you could see the tears. I've never really seen an animal do that before right in front of me and it tore me up to see that. I mean it really got to me. I am writing this and thinking about it and getting a bit teary eyed remembering it. It wasn't until I got home that I started sobbing. This wasn't even my cat but just knowing how it was going to effect my sister and seeing the cat crying cause he is in pain and he probably knows what is going to happen just tore me up. I was more then happy to come home that night and show my own cats a little bit of extra attention.

I love fall. It kinda got cold a bit early but that is typical for Wisconsin. What is also typical for us is temperatures that go up and down dramatically. I do enjoy the fall colors. My father and I went out to Holy Hill today to check out fall colors. Driving out there was nice. Colors haven't hit their peak here yet, they will in a few weeks. Still pretty beautiful out there. I may have to go back in a couple of weeks just to see the colors at their peak. That should be amazing. 

I will just briefly mention that nothing happened on 9/11. You know my last blog showed some concern about something happening on 9/11. Well nothing did. Yay for that. Of course now we have a new scare with the first case of Ebola being diagnosed in the USA. I am not even going to get into that. I will just be adding to that already increasing fear that is going on already and I don't want to do that. Positive thoughts only!

With that I will end my blog. I was going to write more but I will reserve some of that for its own specific blog cause I have to go in depth about explaining some of it and if I did that here this blog would be insanely long and I'd bore people to death. Until next time stay safe, stay positive, and stay the hell away from Dallas.

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