Easing my troubled mind

On the eve of 9/11 I figured I'd write a blog. Maybe it will help ease my troubled mind? Maybe it will help me put aside any thoughts, fears, or worries that I may have. Maybe it won't. I know I can't be the only one in the world that might fear something could possibly happen tomorrow like it did 13 years ago. There is a lot of stuff going on in the world and it seems like it is all happening at once, like we are heading towards some disastrous ending. Has it always been like this? Maybe I just didn't start paying attention until recently. My time and attention wrapped up in other stuff such as video games or life in general? Maybe I need that distraction again to get my mind from wondering, thinking, and fearing the worst. Maybe I am just too paranoid for my own good. There, thats it. I am paranoid. Who isn't though a little paranoid from time to time? Now that I got all of that out of my system, lets focus on life.

Bearing any unforeseen events, my father and I are going to the Dells next week for 3 nights. He has been saying for awhile now that he needs to get away. He does need to get away. He needs to get out of this house for a period of time and just ease his mind. He has had a lot going on with the cyst in his back, going to see doctors, and other stuff. So this will be a good chance for him to reload a bit. Hell for me too. He is stressed out so in turn I am stressed out myself worrying about him. I am not entirely sure what we are going to do there. Do we really need a game plan though? I don't think we do. We are going to go there, sightseeing, relax, and forget about the world for a bit.

I am cold. Seriously though, the weather here drastically changed. We were a bit warm and humid and now we might have lows dipping into the 40s. I had my window wide open and the wind was howling into my room. Course I'd rather just sit here and be cold instead of closing my windows. Makes sense right? I did finally close the windows though. Well not entirely. There is a nice breeze coming in here but it is not as cold as it was. I do like fall though and this is fall like. Keep those cold temperatures and snow away for awhile though.

Football season started. It was an embarrassing first game for the Packers. Lets face reality here, they can't play against tough physical teams. This has been their problem for a few years now. If they can't figure it out they won't get back to the Super Bowl. The Seahawks totally dominated them. Seahawks are one of those teams that people are going to have problems with  this year. My prediction for the Packers this year still stands at a 11-5 finish but I am unsure how they will do in the playoffs. They only played one game but it was not a good start for them. It is a long season though, lets hope they can turn it around.

I was talking to my friend Mary about this just now but I figure I'd close out my blog with this. Is it wrong to check out females at a funeral? Yes, I just recently went to a funeral and no this does not mean I was checking anybody out. In general though is it wrong to check out other people when you are suppose to be there mourning the loss of a loved one? A lot of females dress up for funerals, some of them wear nice tight dresses and their boobs pop out. How are we not going to look at them and check them out? It is just a natural thing to check someone out? I am just curious as to what people think. I hope people don't think I am a pervert, well ok never mind cause I am. I'm just curious! Is it wrong to be checking out chicks at a funeral? Mary told me that it is fine and in fact when she moves up to Wisconsin the two of us are going to crash funerals just to check people out. Ok maybe not, that does seem kinda like an asshole thing to do.

And that is all for now. Do I feel a little bit better? Some what. Do people think I'm a pervert? This was a known fact for years. Will the Packers win the Super Bowl this year? As much as I love them, I am going with no. Will I have fun on vacation? Yes. Oh and it is getting to the time of the year when we will have fire therapy every weekend. See Nick, life isn't all too bad.

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