Oh life

I've been wanting to write. Nothing to do with me being busy, just a lot of things to say. A lot of things going on too. I actually got rid of a blog to write this one. Excuse the randomness of the subjects in this blog, it has been awhile.

I guess I'll start with sad news. My sister-in-law Coco lost her father a few days ago. It was sudden too. No one was expecting it. He had a sudden massive heart attack on Tuesday. By Thursday he was bleeding from the heart. They had to perform emergency bypass surgery. Sadly things did not work out for the best and he passed away later that day. My thoughts and prayers go out to the family. He was a good guy. One thing I will always remember about him is he was always friendly and nice to me. Always greeted me with a handshake and asked how I was doing at family get togethers. It is never easy to lose a loved one but when it is a sudden loss like that, I believe that it is a bit harder due to the shock for not knowing that it was coming.

I've spent the last month reading up on conspiracies and random stuff with the government. I must admit that while I've been interested in some of this stuff before, I didn't know the magnitude of stuff that was going on in the world. I guess I had my head in the clouds when it came to politics. Never really interested me. I figured everyone was corrupt and why bother worrying about it. Well I still feel that there is much corruption in the world but I feel like I should of been paying attention to what is going on in the world. While I won't go much into detail about stuff I've been reading, I will say that it added quite a bit to my stress level in the past month. You know, worrying about what is going to happen. So many rumors and theories about what it is to come. I realize though that you can't believe everything you read, and that just isn't a statement about the government, religion, etc, it is a statement that would include the conspiracy theories themselves. I do know that now I try to pay attention and instead of accepting what is being told to us by the media or by our own government that I question everything.

Now for an update on my father. I still am taking care of him with this cyst. 1 to 2 times a day I put a warm washcloth on his back and bandage him up. The cyst looks better then it did about a month ago but it is still an annoyance for him. From what I understand he is going to be talking to a surgeon soon to get it completely removed. That is probably the best idea. Then he won't have to worry about randomly breaking it open. Other then that his health seems to be fine. He is going stir crazy and is tired of seeing doctors. He wants to plan a getaway sometime soon. I assume we will be going back to the Dells. That is where we usually go.

My stress has been pretty high this month. First you have me reading all this bullshit about conspiracies and how basically we are all fucked. Some of the stuff I read sounds pretty legit. Then I remember I also would read stuff about how the world was going to end in 2000, 2006, 2011, 2012, etc. Finally came to a point where I told myself, look Nick if something is going to happen how can you stop it anyways? Just live your life the best you can. If something happens then it happens. If it doesn't end the world, move on and adapt. Then add a death in there and also the death of celebrity Robin Williams. I kinda took that one really hard. He was a really great actor. I started having random stress related pains. They are still going on right now but I'm doing the best I can to fight it. This week will test that a bit. Tuesday will be going to pay my respects to Coco's father, his wake/visitation/whatever it is called is on Tuesday. Then Thursday morning is back to the doctor for me. I have to see a new doctor since the one I was seeing decided to quit. Figures I finally get comfortable with someone and they up and leave. Life goes on though, right? I'll probably get yelled at for not watching my weight and not doing this and that. Honestly though I've been watching what I'm eating for the past week or two. I am going to continue to do so. How well am I doing? Well I did have ice cream earlier this week and it kinda made me feel like crap.  Plus, and this is a big one, I stopped buying cheese curds every time I go grocery shopping. Oh my God, no cheese curds. What is wrong with you Nick?

Not everything has been stressful and bad though. While I haven't had much in the way of fire therapy this month, I have been doing other fun things. A few weekends ago my sister and I went to the Bristol Renaissance Faire. We had a good time there. It feels like you are in a different world when you are there. I like the medieval type theme too. I've always liked the medieval theme. Hell my wedding was a medieval themed wedding. Anyways while at the ren faire I came across this shop called gargoyles. I was in heaven! I love gargoyles, and I love collecting gargoyle type stuff. So naturally I had to buy something from that shop. We are going back to the ren faire tomorrow before it is over for the season. I am sure I will pick up something else to bring home with me.

Few weeks ago we went to the Milwaukee County zoo for the annual a la carte thing. For those who don't know what that is, it basically is a bunch of food places from around the Milwaukee area that set up stands around the zoo. Lots of different places to choose from and various choices of food. Not sure where we stopped for food but I got some chicken fillets. They were pretty damn good. Then I got some fried cheese curds. Cheese curds that are fried are awesome. Other then the mass amount of people and the sun beating down on us during the day, it was a typical day at the zoo. I've always enjoyed that zoo. I need to go there more often. I do have a membership. All I have to pay for is parking. I think I am definitely going to plan one around Halloween. They have a few weekends where people are allowed to dress up and walk around the zoo wearing their costumes. That is always fun to see.

I must end now. It is raining out and I have to get ready to go out in a bit. Going out shopping with my sister. Plus I am a bit distracted by the rain and various other stuff online.  So goodbye for now!

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