Fire in the sky

Sometimes my fire therapy nights are a bit interesting or entertaining. Three weeks ago that statement held true. It was a beautiful night here in Milwaukee. We had a good fire going. Everything was awesome. Little did we know that we were in for a surprise that night.

Up until 9:00 that night, it was a quiet and peaceful evening. We were sitting outside for a few hours listening to random stuff on my laptop. It was around this time that we heard what we thought were fireworks. My father said to me that it couldn't of possibly been gunshots cause oh how many times in succession they had went off. So I immediately passed it off as fireworks.

Fast forward to like 20-30 minutes later. I could see lights in the park and to me it looked like a few cop cars in the park with spotlights looking for someone. Occasionally cops go through the park at night time just to see what was going on. I decided to go out towards the front of the house and watch them. They were driving threw the park for quite awhile. I was curious as to what they were looking for.

The next morning I decided to browse through the Milwaukee Journal online. I went to the crime report just to see if there was anything reported in the general area. At about 8:20pm a few blocks to the west of us there was an attempted entry into a home. Then around 9pm, the same time when we had heard those fireworks, there were gunshots that we were reported just down the block to me. It then occurred to me that if they were in fact gunshots that the cops were in the park looking for the possible suspect. All the while I am just standing in the front yard seeing what they were doing. Didn't realize that I could of put myself in possible danger by doing so. Then again with the way things are in the world today, is any place really safe?

Going back to the previous night now, about 10ish. I was going to start getting ready to close up for the night. First I wanted to get my tiki torches out of the ground and into the garage. My wicks on them were all messed up so I had to put them out way earlier then I wanted to. Since they were out, it was pretty dark where they were. As I am going back by one of them I hear some noises in the bushes in the backyard. I didn't know what it was so I continued with what I was doing and then I saw what all the movement was. It was a raccoon and he was walking towards me very slowly. I backed away and told everyone, hey there is a raccoon or raccoons back here. I then went back to what I was going to do and I saw the raccoon back off right back into the tree. I got all my tiki torches out of the ground and put them in the garage. While I don't think the raccoons would do anything to us, I knew it was time to really shut down for the night. As we were still out there waiting for the fire to die down we could hear them making a bunch of noises in the trees.

The next thing that happened, let me make it clear that I don't know what I actually saw. I was starting to put stuff away while my sister and my father were still sitting by the fire. Thats when I noticed this thing that looked like it was on fire in the sky. I thought that a piece of wood may of went flying out of the pit and into the sky. I realized that was not possible after further examination. I told my sister and my father about it. We watched it as it looked like it was coming closer to the ground and then eventually stop and switched directions. My first thought was that it was a meteor. This month was suppose to be active for meteor showers. The switching of directions though made me think it could of been something else. I saw a flashing red light coming from the object and it looked like pieces of debris that were on fire were coming down to the earth. After a little bit of time the object got closer to the ground and disappeared.

This was followed up by two more objects that looked exactly like the first one. They were in different parts of the sky. They were both moving towards the ground. These ones looked more like a meteor then the first object did. I did not get to see as much of these cause I decided to run inside the house and get my camera cause I wasn't sure what the heck was going on. I got my camera and you really couldn't see anything through the camera so I wasted my time running inside to get it. Just like the first object they came closer to the ground and then vanished. We stood around discussing what this could of been before I took my sister home for the night.

After I got home I immediately went to facebook and browsed around the internet to see if I could find out any information. Oh and I forgot that near my sister's house there is a cemetery along the way. There were a ton of people stopped and standing around trying to look in the sky. I am pretty sure we were not the only ones to see this. I could not find any information on any strange things in the sky. It actually wasn't until weeks later that I found out that roughly around the same time about 20-30 minutes south of us there was a report by someone on this UFO page that there were 4 fireballs in the sky roughly around the same time we saw what we did.

Could it of been a meteor? Could it of been a UFO? Could of it of been like a satellite that was crashing back down to earth? I guess I will never know for sure. Not that I have studied UFOs and such a lot over the years, I do know that quite a few people in my family have seen them before. A friend of my sister Mary claimed to have been abducted by aliens a long time ago. Rumors are that the Bermuda Triangle in Lake Michigan, yes there is suppose to be one, is actually an underwater alien city. No way I could confirm this unless I actually seen it. Because of this supposed rumor, this is why there is UFO activity in the Wisconsin area. That was the first time I've ever seen anything like that. I am unsure of what I saw and I have no pictures of what I saw to go on and share. I hope that in the future I get to see some more stuff like that. Although I do not wish for aliens to come down and take me up to their spaceship. Unless they want to hook me up with a redheaded female alien. I'd be ok with that, maybe.

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