Punch in the Face

Monday is such a wonderful day of the week, doesn't everyone else feel like this? I'm being entirely sarcastic too. Although I don't have a job, something about Mondays I dread. Maybe it is the fact that most of the stuff that I actually do isn't until the weekend and when Monday starts I know I have to wait the entire week for any sort of fun. Maybe today I just woke up on the wrong side of the bed, which is impossible cause I sleep on a couch. Either way, it was a Monday which meant misery for most people.

I haven't been sleeping all too great. More or less my sleep schedule has been rather crappy. Not entirely sure why either. The only exception was Friday night and that is because I was drunk and I passed right out. Maybe it is a sign. Drink a little bit before bed and it will knock me out? Other then that, I am awake at odd hours, sleeping in late, and doing stuff I typically do not do like taking naps. I took a nap today and was asleep for at least an hour and a half. Yesterday I took a two hour nap. I never take naps cause usually I feel like shit after I take one. Maybe old age is really setting in? Give me a break, I am only 35! I'm not that old. Lately I am finding myself up at 5am after going to bed at like 1am or so and then I fall back asleep around 7 or 8 until sometimes 10am. I don't really like this schedule of mine. I've also been having weird dreams too. I probably should document some of these dreams. In my notebook of possible blogs, I have 6 dreams written down. Get to work Nick, people love reading your stuff.

All I know is that I was pretty grumpy for a lot of the morning and then some of the afternoon. I listened to the song called "Punch in the Face" by Ministry and felt as if it was my theme song for today. I would really love to punch someone in the face. I am not going to get into details as to what is really going on in my life, I find that it is better to keep some things off of the internet. I know it is my blog and I can write whatever it is that I want, I still set limits for myself. The less drama the better right? Lets just say that the bullshit that some people spew is unbelievable. Sure I've done my share of spewing over the years but I also accept that I have faults and I am not perfect. It amazes me that some people out there actually think their shit doesn't think. Newsflash for you people, yes it does. I've always said something along the lines of "if you are perfect in your life then feel free to talk all the shit you want and cast stones at me, but if you aren't perfect then shut the fuck up".

On to something a bit more happier. Had a great fire therapy night by my sister's house on Saturday. Good tunes and we had a good fire going. Plus as an added bonus it was really dark in her backyard due to the lights not working in the alley. The fire at times seemed to be the only light that we really had back there. I can always expect a few things when I go over there on Saturday nights. Good conversation, fire, good music, and a ton of snacks. If there is one thing I always look forward to every week it would be hanging out with my sister. She is awesome. Not sure if I have ever said this directed to her before but here I go, I love you sis!

I am trying to do this giveaway on my The Nick page on facebook and well it has been slow going. The catch is I have to get to 100 likes first before I start handing out random stuff to people. I did a giveaway at 50 likes and a couple of people got a pair of Steam games. At 100 likes I am looking to giveaway a total of 6 steam games and a couple of pets from the Blizzard store for WoW. Sitting at 58 likes at the moment. Don't know how much more advertising I can do. So if you read my blog and are apart of facebook but have not liked my Nick page yet, go to https://www.facebook.com/TheNick69 and do so now. If you want free stuff, comment on my post!

Think that is all for now. Not sure what to do the rest of the night. I have a bit of a headache at the moment too. Nothing that some pills and loud music won't cure though or going to someone and punching them in the face.

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