Oreos and milk

Oreos and milk are such a great combo. I was just downstairs eating some mint oreos and the mega stuff oreos. Dipped them repeatedly in milk. Was good! No I did not want to write a blog specially about me eating oreos with milk. I have other stuff on my mind, the oreos was something that I just did. Be jealous of me having oreos, however I'd share with people if you were here.

My father opened up a cyst on his back about 2 weeks ago. It has been there for years and was suppose to be taken care of by his doctor. Yeah, that did not work out too well as the doctor never did anything for it. So he had me tending to it for a week and a half, putting neosporin on it at night time before he went to bed. He finally went to see a doctor about it last Thursday. He was placed on antibiotics and was given instructions on how to take care of it. Basically which means I have to apply hot wash cloths to his back and try to squeeze any pus and blood out of it. Sounds like fun huh? Yep, been having such a fun time doing this. Then I have to bandage him up. Poor guy, he has this cyst on his back and he can't even take care of it by himself. Lately I've been calling myself Dr.Nick. Guess it is a good thing that I am still at home with him, huh?

Course because of this and some other things I was in just a piss poor mood for a period of time last week. By Friday I guess I snapped out of it. On Friday night I was playing Left 4 Dead 2 with some friends from my facebook group PWMB and they said that I seemed zen cause I seemed to be calm, mellow, and was basically just there to kick some zombie ass. I like that. Nick is zen. Maintaining that however is not always easy but I figure I at least give it a try. I guess the way I think is if I am going to be positive then positive things will happen. If I want to be negative then negative things are going to happen. We all know shit goes down all the time, I guess we have to find some good in whatever it is we are going through. I know I've talked about all of this in previous blogs. The hardest part is always trying to maintain this sort of attitude. I've been kicked down to the ground more then I'd like to remember, but I still manage to get up. I like this idea of being zen though. Although I know I'm not. I do know that I like the positive Nick a lot better then negative Nick.

Here comes some of my stupidity. On Saturday night we had a cookout and it was suppose to be a night of fire therapy, however it was way too humid to justify sitting outside smacking mosquitoes that were going to attack us. The grill we have, sometimes there is a major sticking problem with the racks so normally I oil them down pretty good prior to cooking and then let them sit there for awhile with the flame going before cooking. Well this time I oiled the hell out of them and took it a step further. We have this rack/container that you put in the grill so it holds the charcoal and the ashes so it does not get to the bottom of the grill. My bright idea, or stupid idea, was to fill this up with oil too. Oil sets on fire we can have a big flame, right? Anyways, it took awhile to get the fire going and of course I was every now and then pouring lighter fluid on the charcoal. I suppose I am just asking for something to happen one day by being dumb. Got the charcoal to where I wanted it and I put wood chips on top. I put the racks on there to get nice and hot before putting the food on. Lets just say that the grill got very smokey. I proceeded to put food on the grill and then bam, it is like all the oil that I had put into that grate decided to go up in flames. I have never had flames that high on my grill before. Of course everything dripped down to the very bottom of the grill so that part was on fire too. I was in a bit of a panic mode because basically I had set nearly the entire grill on fire at this point. I rushed to the door and told someone to get me some water. I poured water to the bottom of the grill, thankfully while doing all of this I avoided any possibly injury. I managed to get the fire under control and went about cooking normally. Amazingly none of the food got burnt and it all turned out rather well. The fire was so hot that it started to melt some of the bottom of the grill. I am pretty lucky that I got it under control and avoided it getting totally out of control. Lesson learned though, I will never put oil in that grate again.

Tonight might be a fire therapy night for me. We have plenty of stuff to burn and the weather is now much cooler and less humid. I may as well go outside and enjoy it, right?

So oreos, taking care of a cyst, me being told that I am zen, and me nearly destroying our grill has been the past week for me. Oh sure other things have gone on but I don't think they are worth mentioning. Hope everyone else is doing well.

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