My dad=Captain America?

There are three days that normally are very tough for me. One of them would be the anniversary of my mom's death, another one is Thanksgiving, and the final one is the anniversary of my sister's death. The anniversary of my sister's death is today. Although I've been ok, I have these things picking at me inside my head. It will pass in time I am sure.

Yesterday was a bit of an adventure day for me. I was going to go out shopping at Farm and Fleet and Target when I saw my cousin Jenny make a post on facebook about wanting to see the new Transformers movie. I was planning on going to see it soon anyways so I worked it out with her so we can meet up and see it together. We were going to meet around the halfway mark from where I live and where she lives. This means I got to leave the city of Milwaukee again. Yay! Had no problem finding it and meeting up with her. Let me just say that she is awesome. Wish we could hang out more. The movie was pretty decent. It probably could of been cut down by like thirty minutes or so but its ok. I enjoyed myself. Now I had no problems getting there but of course trying to get home I got confused a bit and ended up going straight when I was suppose to turn so I had to do some driving around to get back to the interstate. I made it home in one piece too. Hooray for small victories.

Big news I suppose. I decided that I am quitting WoW for now. Originally I was going to come back when the expansion hits, and I still might but because I am unsure of what I am going to do I decided to contact Blizzard today and I cancelled my expansion preorder. If I am having that many doubts about what I am going to be doing with the game then it made sense to cancel the preorder. At least I get my money back now. I am sure some of my WoW friends are not happy with me at the moment and they are disappointed. Truth be told, I am thinking about myself here. I don't think it is selfish at all. I need some me time. I deserve some me time without the influence of anybody around me. People should be able to understand that, right?

I went shoe shopping today. Oh come on Nick, that can't be interesting enough to write about it? Its not, well maybe. If there is one thing I am picky about it would be shoes. They need to be dark colors. I have such a hard time finding shoes because I've always worn a size 14 shoe, well for as long as I can remember at least. I try on some size 14 shoes and they suck. Not wide enough to fit on my big feet. I find a size 13 shoe that is wide and it fits just fine. Yay! So I have new shoes and it ended up being smaller then what I currently have.

I have to save the best for last with this blog. Recently I taught my father how to use the intercom system with our phones so I randomly get the phone buzzing for me to pick up. He buzzed me when he is going to take a shower the other day. Well today he buzzed for me and this is how the conversation went. He says to me that there is a problem with the meatloaf he is cooking. I say ok and he replies back with he has no directions so he doesn't know what he is doing. I'm like ok haven't you made meatloaf a million times before and he is like I use directions off the onion soup mix box and they have none and I looked online, they call for stuff that we do not have. I'm like ok I will be right down. I go downstairs and look at the box, no directions. It is meatloaf, how complicated can this be without directions. He was like I have no idea how much water or bread crumbs to put in and I said and you've done this how many times and you remember nothing. I look at the package and follow the directions that you would use for making onion soup mix burgers. I tell him what to do and he begins cooking. I never knew meatloaf was that complicated to make. I believe I only made one meatloaf in my life and that was when I was living in North Carolina with my ex-wife. She told me to shape the meatloaf into what ever I wanted to. I decided to make it shaped like a penis. I believe she just gave me a look like really and I may of replied with it is just for the two of us, no one else will be eating my penis. If I didn't reply with that, maybe I should of.

One last thing before I end this blog. My father I think wants to be Captain America. Can't say I don't blame him, the Captain is a bad ass. We are at Target and he picks out a pair of pants to buy. Later on he decides to look at them and try them on. This is when he gets my attention about it because on the pants leg it says Captain America. He was like I thought these were a normal pair of pants to which I responded with well I guess not. Are you trying to be Captain America now? Then he pulls off the Marvel tag from the pants. It was clearly pants intended for Marvel fans and Captain America fans but as he was looking at them he did not see this. I just kinda smiled at the entire thing, walked into the living room and I started to laugh. Never a dull moment in this house with him.

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