Light bulb

There is never really a dull moment with me and this next story is no exception. It is short and it may not even be funny to some, but this is what life is like with me. I find amusement in a lot of things that go on so of course this to me is amusing. Enjoy my story that I call light bulb.

Last night I fell asleep early watching tv on the couch. I didn't sleep for long though, I was up an hour later and walked into my other room. I hit the light switch and the damn light bulb burned out. Son of a bitch! Course it is now dark in my room and I can barely see other then the light from the computer monitor which does not light up a dark room. I have no replacement bulbs upstairs sadly, all of them are downstairs in my father's closet and his room is locked at night. I couldn't justify running downstairs to wake him up cause I need a light bulb. I remembered I have a light on the other side of the room. Brilliant Nick! Just take the bulb out of there and put it in this light. Nope, that did not work. The bulb did not fit in this one. Ok so put the bulb back in the other light and just point that light in the general direction of the computer. So I go back over there and put the bulb in the other light and discover that it is not plugged in and the outlet is hard to reach cause of an end table. I grab my flashlight and try to plug in the light, yep couldn't do it. Lets move stuff around in the dark and hope I don't kill myself in the process cause the flashlight was doing no good at the moment. Finally I was able to plug it in and after sitting down at my computer for a few minutes I decided I just needed to go back to bed, which is what I did.

I woke up this morning and one of the first things I always do is turn on my light and go on my computer for a few minutes. Apparently I forgot about the light having no light bulb cause I tried to turn it on repeatedly and was thinking to myself, why the hell is this not working. Well Nick, you sorta need a bulb in there to make it work. I did a face palm and since my father was not awake I could not go into the room to get another bulb. I turned on my other light.

A little bit later after I came home from my morning walk again I walk into my room and try to turn on the light. Same result. No bulb means the light won't work. I laughed at myself again. How can I not remember that I have yet to put a new bulb in the light. I will get it the next time I go downstairs.

Go downstairs to eat breakfast and I come back upstairs and once again I do the same thing. Oh crap! I forgot the light bulb again. I was not downstairs very long, how could I forget to bring a bulb back upstairs with me in such a short period of time? I don't know but at this point the sun was shining and the light was coming into my room so I decided I'd take care of it later.

I am sitting here jamming on my guitar. I decided to tune it down to a C tuning, the sound is so dark and disturbing, I love it! Anyways at one point I notice that it is kinda getting cloudy outside and that it is getting darker in my room so I decide to turn on the light. Yeah remember the light that I never got a light bulb for? Son of a bitch! How can I keep forgetting to do something as simple as get a light bulb for my light. Finally I went downstairs, went into my father's closet and I grabbed a new light bulb. I came back upstairs with the light bulb and put it in the light and now amazingly there is light in my room. Hooray! Now it isn't so dark in here.

That is my light bulb story. A little short and possibly amusing story about how I kept forgetting to get a light bulb for my light in my room.


  1. Ha! I do this every time the power goes out. Every damn room I go in, I hit the switch even when I KNOW the power is out. Because habits.


    1. I do that too. Never did that with a light bulb that had burned out though, so that was a bit of a first for me