Five dollar foot long

Hello again. It is a Tuesday night and I've had a little bit to drink. Totally sober though. In fact I've had this window open for the last two hours and did not write a damn thing. I got sidetracked tonight talking with people and posting random crap on facebook. I am thinking this blog is going to be totally random again. That is ok, right?

Did you know that by using a blow torch to someone's hair you can totally give them a haircut. It works! Ok no I have not tried it. I've seen a video of it before and yeah the dude's hair started on fire but you do a little bit, put the fire out, and then start up again. Rinse and repeat until the hair is the desired length. Since I got that new blow torch, I could totally open up a new hair salon. Anyone want me to burn their hair off for them? First cut is for free. I was having a conversation about this earlier on facebook. My thought is that there is no way that this could possibly go wrong.

Went and seen the new Planet of the Apes movie. Ok first off I want an orangutan for a pet. They are cute and I just want one to sit in the backyard. He doesn't have to do anything at all, just sit there and be cute. I just hope he lets me hug him on occasion. Yes, I want to hug an orangutan. Nothing wrong with that? I see people saying that they want to hug certain animals all the time! The orangutan must be able to get along with a goat. Yeah, I want a goat too. We won't get into that one right now. The movie was good. I liked it a lot. How can someone not like apes running around with guns shooting humans. Yeah thats right, shoot those fucking humans! They deserve it! Yes I hate humans. Kill them all. Let the animals take over the earth! Ok, sorry being dramatic. Anyways I totally recommend the movie. It is great. Lots of action and a few sad moments. Go see it! Now! Stop reading this blog and go see it!

Got a new gps. Hopefully this gps bitch won't get me lost or make me drive through what appears to be a field on the map. The old one was out of date, hence why I just called it old. I think I've had it for like six years or so. It was time for a new one. I can't wait to try this one out, it is all new and stuff. I need to go drive somewhere just so I can use it. Suggestions anyone?

I think I am going to end there. I am tired and I am sitting here singing the five dollar foot long Subway song. I am not entirely sure why that started and I am not going to really question it either. I am gonna go with it for now. I think I will name my blog five dollar foot long too. It had nothing to do with anything in this blog other then a random song that I decided to sing. Question is, will it get stuck in your head now too? I hope so.

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