Fire therapy almost gone wrong

Even my fire therapy nights have the potential to go wrong.  A common phrase you hear is "If you play with fire, you're gonna get burned". This doesn't necessarily apply directly to playing with fire though but if you are not careful, it could be disastrous. Ok, I am being over dramatic. On Wednesday night I decided to have a spur of the moment fire therapy night that almost turned into a night of nothing happening.

Wednesday night was a beautiful night. Comfortable temperatures and it was not suppose to rain. I decided it would be a good night to sit outside, start a fire, and kinda forget bout everything else for a little bit. I got all my tiki torches set up and got the fire pit out. Put a bunch of wood in there with a ton of branches that we needed to have burned. Was the perfect setting for a nice fire, or so I thought.

Weeks back we had gotten wood from a few houses down the street. They had a nice pile of wood with some good pieces. Some of them were really thick but I didn't think we would have any problems burning them. I was wrong. I had put them all in the pit and the only thing they really did for over an hour was smoke. I did some stuff that I do not recommend such as getting lighter fluid and using a shit ton of it on the wood. What it did though was provide a huge fire every now and then before going back to just smoking a lot.

Something had to be done so I got out some gloves and took the hot grate off of the fire pit. I then got my big stick, ha not that stick perverts, and one by one slowly rolled each big log off of the pit. I had to make sure they did not roll far enough to go on the grass. Yeah they weren't on fire, but they were smoking a lot which meant they were very hot. So after I did this I put the grate back on the pit and then proceeded to use the good wood. In the meantime my father got out the house and began to spray down the hot pieces of wood in an attempt to cool them, which he did.

After that incident, I managed to get a good fire started with the non shitty wood that I had. Was actually a pretty perfect fire. Peaceful and was easy to get lost in your thoughts watching it. Sadly I went through just about all the wood I had in the garage.

The night came to an end when I decided to venture into the front yard and came across a huge raccoon. Apparently a few raccoons have decided to make their home in our tree in the front yard. I am not surprised by this. There were some raccoons that were coming around last summer. They never bothered anyone or anything and just kinda seemed to need a place to hide for the night. Well they came back this summer and now have a hideout in our tree. Anyways I decided to venture into the front yard and there I saw walking towards the tree a very big raccoon. I will call her momma raccoon. Anyways, she stopped what she was doing to look at me and I was already staring at her. Not sure what she was going to do I decided to slowly take a few steps back. She stood there for a moment and then went to the tree, climbed up it as if nothing had happened. By this time my fire was just about ready to be done anyways so I decided it was time to pack up and go inside the house. Although I am pretty sure they weren't going to come into the backyard, I didn't want to take that chance. I especially didn't want to get one stuck in our garage too, that would of been terrible. 

What could of been a night of a fail fire therapy turned into a good night overall. I love my fire therapy nights and I do believe I get to do another one tomorrow night by my sister's house.

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