Broken window

I always have a story to tell people. I like playing the role of a storyteller. I have been told before by some people that some of my stories get boring hearing after awhile. My response to that? Fuck you, my stories are awesome. Since I am still here at home with my father, there are perfect opportunities almost daily for stuff to share with my loyal readers. I am surprised that I did not share this one. I'm going to have to backtrack to seven months ago to tell this story.

Right after Christmas my sister Kathy went on vacation to Florida and it was up to my father and I to go to her house to check up on the animals. Take them outside to go potty and feed them. My father and I share a car. Technically he tells me that it is mine and one day the title for the car will be in my name, until then we share the car. If I go anywhere with him, he is usually the driver. It annoys me. Actually we just had a conversation about this today and we are sick of sharing a car with each other. When one of us drives the car we have to adjust mirrors so when the next person drives the car they end up readjusting the mirrors. It sucks. Anyways since we were both going somewhere, he does the driving. I had asked him if he still wanted me to bring my keys along just in case and he said there was no point. Big mistake.

It was Friday, Dec 27th in the early afternoon when we decided we would go to my sister's house. I knew this me not taking my keys along would end up being a bad idea. I should of listened to myself, but I did not. I walked out of the house first, I think to check the mail and whatnot and then my father followed. The door is always set for lock automatically when you close it. He looks at me and asks if I brought my keys. I told him no I did not cause he told me I did not need them. He starts swearing cause he forgot to bring keys with him. I said to him, are you fucking serious? Mind you that it is also December and it was pretty cold too. We were now locked out of the house. The next part of this story is up for debate on what we should of done. My first thought was I have a cellphone so I can call one of my brothers and hopefully someone can come over soon to help us out. His first thought was to find something and break into our own house via the door window. I liked my idea better. He went with his idea. Forgot exactly what he grabbed but he took some swings at the door window and totally smashed it so we could break into our own house just to get keys. Probably would of made more sense to call one of my brothers and hope one of them could come there asap. Instead of going to my sister's house we had to now spend some time cleaning up all the glass that was all over the place not only on the inside of the house but on the outside of the house. The finishing touch was to duct tape the window.

Over the course of the next few months I could not walk down those stairs to our door without shoes on. See he did not break the entire window, half of the window remained and was falling into this pouch created by having duct tape and plastic on both sides of the window. At night time we had to not only lock that door but make sure to lock the outside screen door just in case someone would decide to break in. Probably one of the reasons why I never did write this blog, you know just in case. Blame for what happened to the door was placed on either my sister or myself. When he told people the story he would say it would never of happened had we not had to go to my sister's house that day or had I brought keys. Then I bring up the fact that he told me that I did not need to bring keys. Lesson learned, always bring my keys with me. My brother referred to the movie "Dumb and Dumber" upon hearing what had happened. I'm still unclear which one of us is the dumb one and which one is the dumber one. I'll volunteer myself for dumber since I knew better about the key situation but yet did not bring any with me.

Why am I bringing up this story now 7 months later? I am bringing it up cause I find the story amusing and as of today the window for the door is finally fixed. We finally took the window frame into some nearby window place and they made a window for him. Course when we went to pick it up today they forgot to give him the frame back so he had to make two trips to get it. After screwing around taking off tape that had been on the frame for god only knows how many years, we put sticky tape or whatever it was called on the frame and put the window in. The door looks beautiful now that it no longer has a duct taped plastic look to it. You can see some of the markings on the door where the duct tape was but at least the door has a window now.

Guess there are a few lessons to be learned here. Never leave the house without your keys. I don't care if someone tells you that you don't need them or whatever, bring the damn keys with you. What if you are out with someone and they lose their keys? Then what? You are screwed. Bring keys with you. If you lock yourself out of the house, before breaking into your own house rule out the other possible scenarios. Is there a window you can climb into without breaking anything? Can you call a family member to help you out? Did you probably train your animals in the house, like your cat, to answer doorbells and open up doors? If your house has ghosts, is there a way for you to contact them to have them open up the door for you? I am sure I can think of other scenarios but if none of them are a viable option then break that window. The best option though is to always bring your keys with you. Especially when living with an older person who easily forgets stuff such as leaving the house without his keys. Funny thing is, he has done it before and I still listened to him when he said I did not need to bring them. Lesson learned.

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