Bye June!

The month of June is coming to an end and this month has been an up and down roller coaster ride. Breakdowns, disappointments, stress, adventures, laughs, etc. While it might be easy to focus on the negative and write an entire blog about all the shit that has went on, I am not going to do that. One thing that changed for me a few years back is I became more of a positive person. When life kicked me down, I got right back up and found the good in most things. I drifted away from that recently and I am working to restore it. Nothing about this piece of writing should be negative, I think.

Saturday, I had another adventure and it was right here in the city of Milwaukee. I've lived here most of my life but that doesn't mean I know where everything is. Especially since I haven't been driving all too long. My niece recently moved into her own apartment building and she was having a housewarming/college graduation party. My sister and I decided to venture out to find this apartment. First off the area where she lives is under major construction. I of course drove right past the road we were suppose to turn down. Had to find some place to turn the car around and go down the right street. We pull into the apartment complex and we were unsure of where the clubhouse was. There was a residence center right upon entering but we didn't know if that was it or not. We drove around looking for this clubhouse. Came across a dead end and then a road that turns into the main road that we used to get in the place. Finally after driving around for at least 10 minutes or so I saw my sister in law and my niece. Apparently we were at the right place all along, the clubhouse was the residence center. The party itself was fun. I haven't laughed that hard in awhile, I totally needed that. Getting out of there was another adventure. There was a no right turn coming out of there but I was convinced that there was a road going through so I turned right anyways. Yep, bad idea. I was met with a bunch of dead ends and ended up having to go back to the original road anyways. At one point my sister and I were just laughing about it and I'm like I can't drive and laugh like this! We made it out of there though in one piece.

Coming up this summer is a few more adventures for us. I'm not sure when we are going to do all of this, but we are planning on going to the Milwaukee zoo one of these weekends. Also I want to be brave and drive down to Chicago to find the Brookfield zoo. I haven't been to that zoo since I was a teenager. Also we talked about going to the Renaissance Fair, another thing I haven't done in ages. My father is talking bout going away to northern Wisconsin, Hayward area to be exact, and he wants to go away for possibly a week. That could be interesting.

This week is concert week for me. On Friday, which is July 4th, I am going to see Motley Crue. On Saturday I am going to be seeing Fall Out Boy. On Sunday I am going to do absolutely nothing cause two nights in a row of big shows is going to wipe me out. Not only is it concert weekend for me but I probably will be staying by my sister's house for the entire weekend. May as well get out and have some fun. Celebrate life maybe?

Changes are in the works. I never usually reveal my plans and I am going to stay that way. In the past few months I've gotten away from who I am. I went on vacation by myself and asked myself "who is Nick?". Two weeks later and I am still asking myself this question. People have been telling me recently that I've changed and they don't know who I am anymore. While I agree that change is good but in the process of change never forget the people that were always there for you, and I think I started to do that. Another friend of mine told me that at least I recognized the change cause now I can start to work on getting back to myself basically and I will get back to being The Nick.

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