A little rant

I see Wisconsin made the news again thanks to some 12 year old girls who decided to try to kill a friend of theirs. I noticed that they already started placing the blame on everything else except for the fact that these teenage girls may indeed be fucked up in the head. Who the hell at the age of 12 decides to plot out someone's death? Lets go and blame everything else about what might of happened instead of the actual source. Lets bash tv, movies, music, video games, etc for the acts of 2 disturbed 12 year olds. What about the parents? How in the hell did the parents not know any of this was going on? You know what I think? Lets blame the parents for fucking failing at their job as parents. Raising little psychopaths to run around. If they didn't succeed this time then they may of the next time around. Seriously though blaming this shit on random shit other then the actual source of the problem is annoying.

Let me tell you all a story of a 9 year old boy named Nicholas. He was very much into video games. He use to play this game called Police Quest and he would go up to females and ask them to have sex with him. Wow, this kid is going to grow up to be a rapist or something or a sex offender. He is going around in a video game asking chicks to have sex with him. Oh man we have a potential problem here. That is not even the worst part. He use to be obsessed with this game called Flight Simulator. Well nothing wrong with that right? He wants to be a pilot. Actually no, Nicholas liked to fly airplanes into buildings for hours. Oh man he should be on a list of possible terrorists by now, right? I mean 9 years old and all he wants to do is fly planes into buildings. That is a no-no. 26 years later however Nicholas still knows what right from wrong is and when he plays video games he does not apply to the real world. It is not hard to determine what is right and what is wrong, some people however just wanna watch the world burn.

Stop blaming video games and other shit such as the internet, movies, music, etc, cause not all of us turned out to be sick and demented psychopaths.

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