Stubbing my toe

The toe saga continues. Mind you that despite my problems I can still walk and I am not in need of cutting off my foot to install a peg leg, that could be coming at some point though. I certainly am not helping it out by now stubbing my toe a few times. First time was while I was at Target yesterday with my sister, which has a funny story in itself. Second time, um well I don't remember. Third time though was this morning. I figured I'd name my blog stubbing my toe cause it seems to me that is what I am good at doing right now.

Target yesterday, what an adventure. The car I drive is small so I have to be careful how much crap I buy so we have no issues getting it into the car. I should of thought bout this before going inside the store and buying what we did. My sister and I are getting things together for my father's party next Saturday. Since our fire pit season is starting I figure it would be nice to get some new chairs and a table for our outdoor adventures. Well a bigger shopping cart would of been helpful. I picked up four chairs and a decent size round table. Problem is we both had a lot of shit in our shopping carts so trying to make them fit was a huge task. Also got some tiki torches too and while they are cool, they are awkward and long and made it more difficult to get anything in the cart. Anyways so I have all this shit in my cart. No where to put my hands to steer and I can't turn the cart cause it is too difficult with the amount of stuff in there. So I think you all can guess what happens. The chairs come flying out of the cart unto the ground. This is where I hit my foot on the shopping cart. Wearing shoes so the impact wasn't as bad. We get the chairs back in the cart and go to the checkout. We get all done there and we are coming out of the store. Of course what happens? The chairs go flying out of the cart again. Ugh. Seriously? People are looking at us now like there is something wrong with us. Maybe there is? I don't know. Anyways we finally make it to the car only to realize that it is possible that all of this shit will not fit in the car. Damn it. Why did I not think of this sooner? After screwing around for up to 10 minutes with car seats and whatnot we managed to fit all the stuff into the car. Only issue after that was me trying to back up and having tiki torches right in my face as I was backing up out of the parking stall. I have to say sometimes there is really never a dull moment when it comes to me.

I decided that since we didn't do a fire last night that I was going to hang around outside for awhile and just enjoy nature. I know I have said this before but I probably seem like an indoorish type of person to most people but that is far from the truth. I love being outside. Walking or just sitting around taking everything in. We have a lot of birds in the area so I sit around and I listen to them. To some people they are annoying but I love it. We also get a ton of rabbits roaming around and a lot of squirrels. I see squirrels all over the place. They are amusing at times how they run and hop around. Last night in particular there were two squirrels wrestling with each other for like at least 10-15 minutes. It was funny. It was nice to be outside for awhile, so peaceful and calm. Next weekend though begins fire therapy!

Not all of last night was so great. I managed to stub my toe again. I am not sure what I did to be totally honest. I probably walked into a wall. I am good at doing stupid shit like that. I was having random aches and pains all night too. First it started with my neck. Then my hands started hurting like I was dealing with carpal tunnel, pretty sure I do have carpal tunnel. Both of my knees were bothering me too. I was told when I was 14 that I had the knees of a 40 year old, I am now 35, I can't imagine how they are now. On top of that my toe was of course bothering me. Gee I wonder why? Maybe I should stop bumping it into shit. My head was also hurting but the pain shot down the right side of my face all the way to my neck. I was miserable but I took some pills and just tried to forget about all of that and I think it worked after awhile.

Oh so I forgot bout my Best Buy adventure from Tuesday. Ok so I had a 20 dollar gift certificate for being awesome or whatever and I found this gaming mouse that I wanted that was on sale for 67 dollars. I decided that I was going to go buy it. I hop in the car and drive out there. 15-20 min drive depending on how fast you go. Pouring rain out mind you. Never drove in that bad of rain before. So I get there and they have nothing on the shelves. I say well shit that sucks, I came out here for nothing. Go back home and check the website. I go to order it and it says pickup in store. I check for the store I was just at and sure enough I can pick it up there. Son of a bitch. Why did I not do this before hand? So I order it and do the pick up thing. Drive back out to Best Buy again in the pouring rain. I am in Best Buy for a whole 2 minutes and I am off to head back home with my new mouse that I should of ordered and did the pick up thing in the first place. For now on if I order anything from Best Buy I will do the pickup thingy.

Stubbing the toe part three. I woke up this morning and I decided that it was just not time for me to be awake yet. It was like after 8am or something. Anyways I put my glasses back down on the stand where I usually put them but then decided I needed to go into the other room for something. Not sure what it was. Mind you I have no glasses on and I can't see too well without them. So on my way out of the room I greet the computer chair by walking into it and of course what do I hit? My toe. Which I promptly said owwww really loud and then went into the other room and laid back down in bed. I start laughing my ass off at my own stupidity. Lesson learned, don't walk around without glasses on. Who am I kidding though? I do this all of the time. I've walked downstairs without my glasses on. Now that is a disaster waiting to happen if I continue to do that. Who am I kidding though? If I am going to fall down the stairs I will do it with or without glasses on. Just as long as next time I don't go head first into the cabinet next to the fridge again. That cabinet hurts.

Well now that you are all probably laughing at me and my misfortunes I am going to end the blog there. If I amused you then great I'll be back again soon with probably more funny tales of my life. I apparently always have some sort of story to tell. See y'all again soon.

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