Need to change

Damn these back and forth mood swings of mine. I've actually been pretty good the past week or so and now I am back to blah. Totally hate this. I figured though that instead of sitting here making myself suffer that I would come to my blog and just write whatever comes to my mind I suppose.

Weather is beautiful right now. Maybe that is part of the problem. I should be outside enjoying it instead of being in the house. Well tomorrow I will be outside the majority of the night cause we are having our first fire of the year. Yay for fire therapy. I have plenty of shit to burn. No people to burn. Damn. Anybody have any bodies laying around to dispose of? I could use your help.

Hey yesterday was a good news type of day though. First it started in the middle of the night with some negativity leaving my guild on WoW. I won't say anymore then that cause its over with, time to move on. Found some new officers for the guild. Notice how all of this is WoW related so far? Son of a bitch. My efforts to quit that game just never work. I'm going to have to get more aggressive with my attempts to leave, like uninstalling the game! Anyways, with new officers this means less stress on Amanda and I. Shortly after that my sister Cindy tells me that on the 27th of June she can get out of work early so we can go to Summerfest and check out The Pretty Reckless show. Awesome! I am happy bout that. Few other things happened that I won't mention here but it was a good news type of day.

I do know what is troubling me. I am not going to talk about it in my blog though. Think I'll keep it to myself actually. Yeah I am sure I'll get yelled at cause I want to keep the majority of it to myself, but seriously it boils down to I need to change. I'm not talking bout how I act, how I am towards people, etc. I am talking bout change on a much larger scale. I wake up every day and tell myself that this is going to be the day, and that day never does come. So I need to change and it needs to be done soon. I need to kick myself in the ass and just do it. Don't be afraid of the outcome Nick, cause only good things will happen. Just do it. Stop analyzing everything and thinking of possible disaster scenarios.

I think that it is for now. I am going to enjoy the rest of my evening. Probably kill random people on WoW some how, seems like it always makes my days better. Listen to some music. Enjoy the nice weather. Be happy cause tomorrow is fire therapy!

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