Issues with marshmallows

Apparently add marshmallows to the list of things that give me issues. Marshmallows? What? How? Why? I'll explain. Figured I would write about something to add some amusement to everyone's Friday night.

A grill cover is not a good place to put marshmallows. Many years ago when I was a kid we had cookouts frequently. It was a tradition to roast marshmallows and have smores. One cookout we had, I believe it was for Memorial Day, I nearly ruined marshmallows for everyone. I was in charge of taking the bag outside so we can all roast them. I went outside and there wasn't anything for me to put the marshmallows on. No place for me to put them, other then the ground, but I didn't want to do that. Ants on marshmallows are bad, right? My brilliant idea was to place them on top of the cover to the grill. Now you can guess how this one went. The cover was still pretty warm so instantly the marshmallows started to melt. By the time I realized this I had lost a bunch, and then to make things worse I dumped probably about half the bag onto the ground. Course I got laughed at and everyone was like what the hell are you doing. I told them I needed a place to put the marshmallows. Who would of thought that putting them on the cover of a warm grill was a bad idea? Hey I was young and stupid, now I am just old and stupid. I didn't live this one down for years. Every time we had a cookout someone would ask, hey Nick wanna have some marshmallows, go put some on the grill cover. Something similar to that. Bastards! You know how they have warning labels on everything? Why don't they have a warning label on the bag of marshmallows to tell you not to put it on a warm grill cover. Maybe they do and I just haven't seen it before?

Never put a bag of marshmallows behind a toaster oven. This past weekend we had a get together at our house. We bought marshmallows, hersey candy bars, and graham crackers for smores. Sadly since we had a ton of food already we never did get to make any. Didn't need to make any to have an incident occur. The bag of marshmallows was in the kitchen on Saturday before the party, and I was trying to find a location to put them. Without really thinking I put them on top of the toaster oven, which they eventually fell behind the toaster oven. No big deal cause no one was going to use it anyways, right? Until Sunday morning when I decided to use the toaster oven to heat up some bagels. Totally never saw the bag there and didn't bother to look either. Few hours later I come downstairs and my father is screwing around with the toaster oven. There was a nice spot of marshmallows melted on the toaster oven. The bag wasn't totally ruined but quite a few marshmallows melted. My father asked me what the hell happened and how did the bag of marshmallows get behind the toaster oven. I told him that I didn't know and well at the time it was the truth. I didn't remember putting them behind the toaster oven. It didn't occur to me until after I went back upstairs and I realized oh yeah I was the one who put them on the toaster oven and they fell behind it. Once I determined that I was the one guilty of ruining a ton of marshmallows, I had a pretty good laugh about it.

I'm not entirely sure what my issue is with marshmallows. For all I know there are probably more instances in which I've had issues with them and I just don't remember. I guess the moral of the story is keep bags of marshmallows away from me. Of course it could bring forth another story down the road of my issues with marshmallows.

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