Goodbye 50%

Goodbye 50%, you did not last long. In fact, I think the whole 50% thing didn't even make it two full weeks. I think me losing my new raid leader may of been some of my fault. I didn't like some of the things that were going on so I voiced my opinion. Maybe I just suck at choosing officers and people to run the guild? Maybe I just need to go ahead and run these raids myself or with my co-gm? We were kinda doing that before and bosses were dying.

Raid leader is a shit job. Yes, being a raid leader is a shitty job. You have other people to control and tell what to do. Do people like listening and being told what to do? Fuck no. I don't even like being told what to do. I am stubborn and stuck in my ways. I've done the whole raid lead before and all I ever dealt with was whining and bitching about all sorts of stuff. At some point in my raid leading career, oh yes I did just refer to it was a job cause lets be honest here raid leading is sorta like a job, I started telling people that if they had any complaints, comments, or anything else to not bother me or the other raid leader during the raid and we would discuss it afterwards. You have to remember as a raid leader that you are not there to be everybody's friend, you are there to run a group of people in hopes that you down a raid boss. Same is applied to running a guild, don't try to be everybody's friend. Of course this does go against my "how to be a gm" blog.

There are some rewards to being a raid leader. When I was raid leading back in Cata I was co-running raids with one of the officers. I pretty much sat back and let him explain most of the stuff and then offered advice as the fights went on. Making adjustments, telling him what people are doing right or wrong, etc. We made a pretty good team. There was one raid boss that we just could not kill. We wiped on him a total of 81 times, which is a lot for one boss. All of us were getting frustrated by the time we got close to 80 times dying on him. I decided to do some research on the fight and discovered we may of been doing it wrong. On raid night I took over on that fight and explained a new stragedy to everyone. It took a couple of more tries but we did finally kill him. We had him on farm status for the next two months after that. Despite all the bitching, whining, wipes, etc there are some rewards to being a raid leader. When you finally kill a boss that has been plaguing your guild for awhile, it is a pretty good feeling.

Some people are just not cut out to raid lead. I think that is what happened here, maybe, or he just didn't like the guild. Even the most vocal and organized people are not cut out to do the raid lead shit. Remember what I said about not being everybody's friend? You can't be. Not if you want a raid to be successful. If someone is constantly fucking up or showing up with shit gemmed or enchanted wrong, or no flasks and other raid necessary materials, then you kick them in the ass and say ok I don't think you can take raiding seriously so until you do then your ass is on the bench. They may just thank you later on for being honest with them or they could rage quit. The mentality of a WoW player now a days is to get pissed off and rage quit. You as a raid leader are not there to baby people and hold their hands. They should know their shit prior to stepping into that raid. If they don't then they need to be informed that they are being replaced and explained why they are being replaced. Be honest with people. Don't bullshit your way through raid leading. Doesn't mean you have to be an asshole all the time, just be truthful. Also during raids you will get bombarded with people telling you what this person is doing and what that person is doing, the stragedy is wrong, etc. It is fine to listen to what they have to say and make changes that YOU think are necessary, but if people are constantly harassing you during a raid you tell them...look we will talk about this after the raid and then it will be decided if anything needs to be changed. You have to learn how to tune other people out and run things to the best of your knowledge and abilities.

Again I am not entirely sure what all transpired that caused my raid leader to up and leave but now it seems as if I will probably be taking over the ranks of raid leading with my co-gm. I was trying to avoid me running raids, maybe there is still an option out there for us, but for now it looks as if we will be doing it. I think we will be fine. We do make a good team after all.

My original intention wasn't to give "a how to guide on raid leading", it was more or less to poke fun at the whole 50% thing that I just blogged about. Course now my co-gm is saying that she could just go full lesbo to maintain the 50% in the guild. I think quite a few guys would be disappointed if she decided to go full lesbo, well I should retract some of that statement cause lesbos are awesome (typical guy speaking here, sorry) but seriously I am sure a few guys out there would be disappointed, myself included.

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