Fire therapy

If everyday was like yesterday then life would just be great. Still despite the greatness, something is missing, I'll explain more later. Yesterday I got my much needed fire therapy. Was kinda sad when the night ended but it was a great day. I'm just really tired at the moment due to lack of sleep the past few nights.

Yesterday we had a party for my father's birthday and for mother's day. Tons of food and lots of people over. Cindy and I organized the entire thing with her paying for basically the majority of it. Really appreciate that by the way, although she won't see that cause I am pretty sure she never reads my blogs. We ordered pizza and chicken. On top of that we had various salads, dips, and I made my bacon stuffed shells. I wanted to see what people thought of them cause I've only ever made them for my father and I. People loved them, of course, my shells are freaking amazing. Yes I did just give myself a pat on the back. On top of all that food we had two cakes and we were suppose to do smores but that never happened. At least we have some shit that we can reuse for the next party.

Kids do not try this at home. We had a good fire going for hours last night. We had tons of wood to burn on top of a bunch of branches and random shit from the yard. Tons of paper and my father was handing me pictures from my wedding, which I threw into the fire. I believe we had at least 10 people contributing stuff to put into the fire. At one point I really got the fire going by throwing in some peg boards into the pit. Of course I may of added to it a bit by getting the lighter fluid out and spraying it into the pit. Yeah maybe the kids do not try this at home part applies to me. Well my aim is bad, insert random joke about me having bad aim here, and I was spraying the top of the cover to the fire pit. At one point the cover to the fire pit was on fire. Maybe my bad aim is why I am still single. See I didn't need anyone to make a joke for me, I did it myself, like I always do, insert another random joke most likely about masturbation.

It was a nice night to sit around by a fire, catch up with people, listen to music, etc. My cousin was over and I believe it had been about a year since I last seen her. We talked about some paranormal stuff, btw I have a story about that too, which will be mentioned later. A nice added feature was me getting a couple of tiki torches and sticking them in the ground around the parking slab. I need to get some more, they were totally cool. When the night ended and everyone had to go home it was sad but overall a really great day. Perfect weather too, like seriously, mother nature was nice to us yesterday. Thank you so much.

How is my cell phone calling the house if I didn't dial the number? Last night before I took my sister Cindy home something weird happened. I had my cell phone in my pocket, I must mention that before going further into the story. I walk into the house and the house phone rings, 10:45pm, who is the hell is calling now? I look at the caller ID and it is a wireless number and it looks like my number. I pick it up and nothing. I hang up and look at my cell phone and yeah my cell phone was being used to dial the house phone. How in the hell did that happen? It is entirely possible that I bumped something but I don't have any numbers in my phone on speed dial and you have to actually search for the number in my phone in order to call it. I am unsure what the hell happened there but it is totally weird.

Something was missing. Yeah despite the fact that yesterday was a great day all around something was missing. Basically having to do with me not having anyone special in my life. I should word that differently, I'm not really seeing anyone is a better way of putting it. I have special people in my life, just you know. So I am sitting there by the fire and I start thinking bout that for a little bit. No I didn't let it depress me, just thought about how nice it would be to share moments like this with someone special and then carried on with just paying attention to the fire. I think it is only natural to have these thoughts occasionally but I keep telling myself one thing, and this is how I get by. All good things are worth waiting for. Thankfully I am pretty patient.

Thats all for now. Hooray for fire therapy, it was much needed. Should get some more next weekend too, weather permitting.

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