That blog I wrote last night, yeah disregard that. I woke up this morning and I stabbed that dude in the neck. He is gone. If he comes back again I shall kick his ass and stab him again. Yeah ok my mood today is much better. I guess I am just going to have days like that. Everyone does, right?

My gout issue is still kinda there. Almost two weeks now. I can walk just fine though but the area is tender. Putting on shoes still sucks a little bit. Course now I have a little bit of another issue. My big toe on that foot has an ingrown toenail I believe. I can not catch a break can I? Well it is said, when it rains it pours. Yep totally like that at the moment it seems. Whatever though, I'll get through it. Cutting off my foot is still an option. Peg leg Nick, oh and then I can get myself an eye patch and I can be a pirate. Arrr, I'm a pirate motherfucker! Yeah Nick, if you want to be a pirate you need to work on the pirate talk.

Fire pit season is starting for us next week Saturday. Yes! I can not wait. Sitting in front of a fire is so relaxing to me. Much needed self therapy. I have so much stuff to burn too. I'll have to burn the bodies when people aren't around though. Too many questions that I don't want to answer. I'm kidding. There are no bodies to burn. Not yet anyways.

Summerfest is next month. Yay! Going to a bunch of shows. Actually not sure yet who I am all going to see yet. I may as well just set up a tent down by summerfest and camp out there. Lets see, on the 25th of June Neon Trees is playing. On the 26th while my sister is at Lady Gaga, Pentatonix is playing on one of the side stages. Then on the 27th The Pretty Reckless is playing at 3pm and then at 10pm that same day Five Finger Death Punch is playing. We are already for sure going to see Motley Crue on July 4th and Fall Out Boy on July 5th. Busy busy. Love live music though and it should be another good summer of live music.

Short blog but I wanted to write something that was more upbeat then what I wrote last night. I know I am going to have days such as yesterday but I'm not going to dwell. I have a lot of good stuff coming up and my life isn't terribly bad so positive thoughts or I should say I will be as positive as I can.

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