Annie, are you ok?

"Annie, are you ok?
So, Annie are you ok
Are you ok, Annie"

Quoting a Michael Jackson song to begin a blog. I bet people didn't think I would ever do that. The other night I was bored and I started watching some MJ videos and I rediscovered how much I use to really like his music. Gotta remember that when I went through my heavy metal phase back in my high school years I pretty much stopped listening to everything that was none metal. I admit to being a big MJ fan when I was a kid. I even had an MJ doll, more on that later. This entire writing is inspired by the Smooth Criminal video and song.

Smooth Criminal. You know I never really liked the video until a few days ago. I think cause of the long middle part where they start basically having a big orgy, it just made the video too long for me. Ok so I know they are not having an orgy but hell maybe they should? Anyways, I decide to watch the video the other night and I decided the song and video are good. So good that now a few days later I am inspired to write about it, oh and I've listened to the song repeatedly too. When I go for my morning walks I find myself singing random songs. Now you all know what I've been singing this week. Probably a good thing I haven't ran into anyone named Annie while on my walks. That would probably make things a bit awkward. Funny but awkward.

Who the hell is Annie? When I was discussing the video with my friend Mary the other night, I was wondering who in the hell is Annie. Obviously in the song Annie is some chick who is gunned down and we assume she is dead. It does not tell us who she is and where did MJ get the idea to use some chick named Annie for the song. Still not entirely sure who Annie actually is. A lover of his, a friend, a love interest, etc. I don't think we ever really do find out, or maybe we do and I just can't read between the lines. I did find out some stuff about the name Annie though and why MJ used it in the song. Course you can't believe everything you read on the internet though so I'll take this with a grain of salt. Before the song was written MJ was taking cpr classes and the name of his doll was Annie. It is/was a common practice for cpr to ask your victim repeatedly if they are ok. The lines in the song dealing with Annie make perfect sense with this scenario. He was inspired by his cpr doll and class to write a song about his cpr doll, which was named Annie. Brilliant. I wouldn't of guessed that at all.

My future daughter Annie. I'm not saying that this is going to happen cause this requires a lot of things to happen so lets just be hypothetical for a moment. I think I mentioned in a previous blog that if I were to ever have a son that I would name him Gaylord. Why would I name him Gaylord? Cause I am an asshole. I would totally have fun with making fun of the name and I know other kids would make fun of the name too. Gaylord would probably get seriously depressed and probably kill himself. Did I just make a joke about a son of mine committing suicide? Maybe. Anyone who really knows me knows not to take me seriously though. Back to the name Annie. If I were to ever have a daughter I would name her Annie. Why? Do I even really need to explain this one? I would do it so I could fuck with her on a daily basis. I'd be singing "Annie, are you ok" to her all the time. Even if she responds to me with a yes or no, I'd continue to sing it. I'm playing this scenario in my head where I call her school up and I get them to ask for her on the intercom and I get them to say "Annie, are you ok" over the school intercom. Oh that would be awesome. I really truly am an asshole though and I am pretty sure if I ever do have kids that they will hate me.

Must recreate the Pepsi commercial incident. Back in the 80s MJ got burned during a Pepsi commercial. What people do not know is that someone I knew tried to recreate the incident with my MJ doll. Now mind you I was probably like 8 or so, I am not really too sure on the age, and I hung around with my brothers, sisters, and all their friends. One day out of boredom I suppose I let one of our friends take my MJ doll and set him on fire. Totally burnt his face. His face turned black. Then he burnt a hole in his chest too. Of course I thought it was the funniest thing ever. The Pepsi commercial incident was recreated!

A confession of sorts. I played with barbie dolls as a kid. There, I admit it! My sisters handed down barbie dolls to me and I played with them. However there is a twist to this story. See I've always been a bit of a pervert, you really need to watch out for those quiet ones. So um yeah I use to make my barbie dolls have sex with each other. Most of them were female barbie dolls so I had a collection of lesbian barbie dolls. To make it worse, I use to get my MJ doll in on the action too and he would have threesomes with the other dolls. The other barbie dolls did not want to share MJ though so they had chick fights all the time. I would cut their hair off and pretend that the chicks were getting into hair pulling shouting matches over MJ. Then I just carried on with the threesomes. I never said I didn't have issues. I also never said that I was normal. At least I didn't go around doing what other kids do now a days. So I had barbie dolls that had sex with each other? So what. I turned out just fine. Well actually, the jury is still out on that.

Years later I do still like his music. I don't listen to it all too often though. This week has been an exception. I even picked up my guitar and started playing the main riff to "Beat It". I blasted my amp for that one. Sounded awesome.

Can't believe I wrote an entire blog inspired by an MJ song. I guess this is just what I do though, I create.

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