I am not entirely sure how this happened but as of last week 50% of the officers in my guild are gay. I am surrounded by gay people! Oh no. This may corrupt my mind, and I may want to switch sides. Nah, highly unlikely, I am not even curious about it. I love women too much. Not entirely sure why. They are all evil. Well the vast majority of them anyways. To save some face here though I will go on record and say men are assholes and women are bitches. Women are bitches cause men are assholes and men are assholes because we have a penis. Something like that, I am getting easily off topic at the moment.

The only straight male. Out of the five officers in my guild I am the only straight male as an officer. Our team consists of three males and two females. Both of the other males are gay. True story, one of the other officers, Kris has been with more females in his life that I have. Damn my morals. I should just become a male whore and sleep with anything. Highly unlikely that will ever happen.

The bi-chick. Ok I am sure you all are wondering how I got the 50% if there are five of us. Well one of the female officers, my co-gm, is bi. She thought she might be gay but we determined that she is bi cause she still likes penis. I am not sure I believe in the word bi though so I will just call her confused. One day she wants penis and the next day she changes her mind that she wants vagina. That isn't being bi, its called confusion. Of course this leads me to the question, what if she wants both in the same day? I'll still go with confusion.

The officer and facebook chats. Oh lord. Well thankfully no one is sending out penis pictures via the facebook messages, not yet anyways. Thanks to my friend Kris though, I have seen more then enough penis in the past few years. Wow Nick, that just totally sounded bad. I shall explain myself. See Kris is very open about his gayness and we are in this group on facebook called PWMB. Secret group, and for good reason. I've seen more and know more about Kris then I want to know. I have to say though sometimes Kris amuses me quite a bit. I suppose if I ever wanted to talk about chicks I can always go to my co-gm about that one, depending on what she prefers that day of course. If it is a day in which she prefers the penis it may not be a good day to talk to her about other females. Then again, I've mentioned my feelings about her in a previous blog so if I went to her about anything female related, it would most likely be about her.

So yeah things in the guild are a bit interesting at the moment thanks to the 50%. Wonder if we should maintain the 50% as we move forward? It might get complicated if we add more officers, unless we decide to give confused people officer spots from now on. Confused people are far more entertaining, wouldn't y'all agree?

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