I have reached the 250 mark for my blog. Lets celebrate! Technically I've written more then 250. Some blogs got deleted, like when I was doing the video blogs. They are all gone now. If you want to get really technical, I've written over 1000 blogs. My livejournal no longer exists though. I sorta regret getting rid of it now but some of the stuff I wrote about in there is really not worth remembering. Plus I was angry and pissed off, a lot of what I said in some of those entries could be used against me. So it is good that it is gone. Out with the past, right? Oh I wish it was that easy.

Weather is finally turning decent here. The other day we were up to 86 degrees. That was a bit too warm for me however. I live in the attic, well the upstairs use to be an attic back in the day, and attics get hot so you can only imagine how bad it can get up here. The majority of the summer I have my air conditioner going. I set that shit to a nice comfortable temperature. The only issue is my bed is in the other room and it does not get as cool as my computer room. I may some issues sleeping because of this. Normally during the summer I spent some time sleeping downstairs and some time sleeping upstairs. At least downstairs I can sleep underneath a ceiling fan, which is nice. I'm rambling on about air conditioners. Anyways, the weather here is perfect at the moment. If the weather can stay like this for the entire summer I'd be one happy Nick.

A weekend of fire therapy. It is Memorial Day weekend and well typically we don't do much for it but I have plans for the next two days. First off, as of right now unless plans change, I am going over by my sister's house tomorrow night for a fire. It will be her first one of the year. I always have fun over there. Then on Sunday we are having our first cookout of the year over here and I am bringing out the fire pit for Sunday night. I intend on setting lots of stuff on fire again. As far as the cookout, I am making brats, hot dogs, burgers, chicken that I intend on marinating in bbq sauce overnight, and a small steak for myself. Yep, always cook way too much food. It is the Kendzierski way. I have 4 tiki torches to put around the yard now. It will be a nice added touch to our night of fire therapy. Monday, which is actually Memorial Day, will be a day of doing absolutely nothing.

Plans plans plans. While I won't reveal much about some of the things upcoming in my life, I find it better to do this so people don't give me shit for not doing something later, I will say that I have a few things on my agenda. One of them is writing a spoof type story to the Noah movie. Basically Noah the Nick style. Be scared. Some of the ideas floating around in my head, well they might be stupid to some but to me they are rather amusing. I should also write a continuation to my Face story. I kinda left everyone hanging in part two and I know that I've said before that I was going to work on it and I haven't. I need to. Seriously, I already have a great way to end part three that amuses me just even thinking about it. Writing is an important aspect of my life and I am constantly told that I need to do more. I was told to start writing children's fables. Maybe I should? Could be fun. Other stuff is on my agenda and I figure that I may have a busy summer taking care of a few things. Y'all will know when I get stuff done cause I will come right to my blog with it.

Nothing too special with this blog. I basically just wanted to give a brief update on the happenings going on in my life. This upcoming weekend should be a good one. I will be spending a lot of time outside in front of a fire. Maybe that is just what I need to not only unstress myself but to get some creative juices flowing. Possibly even think about what it is I am going to do next. Wide open statement there, it could mean anything.

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